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Relativistic Universes Compose the Invariant Megauniverse

Relativity, Invariance, dark energy, dark matter, big bang, steady state, Cold Fusion, quantum mechanical cat

Big Bang

In "The Universe's Technology of Light", we saw how our universe could have started its expansion from a big bang. Expansion must initially be of an exponential, inflationary velocity because this reaction is in response to the action of light´s velocity (the greatest in the universe). Then matter formed and gravity slowed expansion of the universe.

Dark Energy

If our civilization oneday becomes advanced (and wise) enough to create the big bang that produces our universe, it is inevitable that we would continue to use this talent for making cosmic fireworks, and that other civilizations would also produce big bangs. Admittedly, this is an assessment of human nature as well as a reflection on the nature of civilizations. I cannot provide direct proof that I´m correct. I can only point out that universal expansion would once more accelerate after gravity slowed it if more big-bang-generating laser energy is introduced to the infinite (in time as well as space) spectrum of universes.* The latest research shows that our universe is indeed undergoing accelerating expansion, and attributes this to unknown "dark energy" instead of successive Big Bangs.

Dark Matter

Each and every universe in our megauniverse must possess the same laws of nature since production of each one depends on compressing a quantity of matter already in existence, and universes would receive an entropy-defeating influx of energy which would prevent their thermodynamic deaths. The concept of "dark matter" would be used today to explain the increased gravitational effects caused by undetectable matter. But that undetectable matter would not be a new, unknown form of matter - it would be known particles travelling through the 4th and 5th dimensions (and therefore nonexistent in the 3 dimensions of ordinary space).


Cold Fusion approach to cosmogenesis

* The holographic "creation" of universes might not involve extraordinarily high temperatures, in which case it could be called the Cold Fusion approach to cosmogenesis (the production of universes). Each universe arises from a big bang, but the megauniverse they belong to has no beginning (thanks to time-travelling cosmogenicists) and no end (thanks to energy influxes from later big bangs which "create" other regions of space-time). And it maintains its average density through continuous "creation" (actually, recycling) of matter via the small amount from a preceding universe which is used to initiate expansion of its successor.

* continued

Static or Steady State

This steady-state, or static, megauniverse would have its tendency to collapse (from, according to the viewpoint that only one time exists at any instant, ever-increasing gravitational attraction) always exactly balanced by, again from the viewpoint that all times cannot exist at once, the ever-increasing expansion of the universes it contains. (It is called steady-state to recall the theories of a steady state universe proposed by astronomers Hermann Bondi, Thomas Gold, Fred Hoyle, Geoffrey Burbidge, Margaret Burbidge and others - it is called static to recall that in 1917 Einstein's equations predicted the universe should be either expanding or contracting, and he rewrote them to keep it static.) The notion that contained universes that are forever expanding would somehow "burst" a static, steady-state megauniverse mistakenly assumes the megauniverse possesses a finite size; and it also reverts to our everyday experience that only one time exists at any instant (forgetting that all times exist and the megauniverse therefore accommodates not just some, but all, extents of expansion).

* continued


Also: the megauniverse can be static even though it´s composed of expanding universes because of its literally infinite size which results from cosmogenicists being able to access unlimited points in both space and time. People can be resurrected long after death then use time travel to be alive long before birth - similarly, universe producers can journey to points existing before origin of the particular universe they live in (see the end of "Darwin´s Evolution Unifies Universe" in my book). Since the megauniverse is infinite, there´s always a place and time for them to go to - we need to abandon our purely linear or serial concept of time which says universe B can only come into existence after universe A´s origin, and embrace a holistic or whole-istic concept where universes B and A (and all others) coexist.

* continued

Quantum mechanical Cat

In general, quantum mechanics does not predict a single, definite result for an observation. Instead, it assigns a probability to each outcome. The quantum mechanical thought experiment known as Schrodinger´s Cat in which the cat exists and does not exist at the same time (a hammer which might or might not be triggered by a source of radioactivity to break a bottle of poisonous gas both kills and doesn't kill the cat - and all these things are placed in an airtight box) helps us understand "life before birth" and "later universes preceding earlier ones". We can regard the cosmic hologram and the megauniverse as examples of invariance (the quality of not changing) and the hologram´s relativistic property of appearing different from differing vantage points as represented by the expanding universes with their big bangs.


Published: 2006-09-28
Author: Rodney Bartlett

About the author or the publisher
My articles are inspired by my book "Rod's Room - A New Earth And A New Universe". Buy it at and other online bookstores. sells merchandise with a photo of the book on it. I´ve tried to use the unification of all space-time to think about science in the extremely distant future (in a unified universe, this must be possible). Necessarily, this disregards the present to some extent, but I´ve based my thoughts on what science tells us today.

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