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Right 0 or Right ∞


We are inside a sphere having no outside. For us, it is impossible to visualize this as we mortals are debarred to have an objective understanding of the structural model of our universe. There is no outside and the inside of the spherical ball means the ever-changing position of the point or the object in question. We and, for that matter, every material object in the universe, are somewhat like an ant moving on the inner surface of a football, sans the actual and continuous leather surface. Here the space itself is surface, which is quantum and not continuous in nature.

The ant, wherever it is on the surface, is always in the center of its own three dimensional universe. To it, the universe is like a spherical dome, from any position, much like our own universe. The dimensions around the ant are at least two dimensions less when seen from the viewpoint of the onlooker standing outside of the football. These two dimensions either don’t exist at all, or are unknown from the perspective of the viewer inside of the ball. In other words, from the existential point of view, these two dimensions are not there. Directionally, these two dimensions are leading, one, straight to the center of the football and the other, out to the boundary of the football. The center and the boundary of the football are the two infinities featuring in the Mest Theory of everything.

Since these two dimensions are non-existent for the dwellers inside, there is no question of the inmates moving or operating into those dimensions.

The dimension leading to the centre of the football points to the small scale infinity, the abode of black holes. Those having strong religious propensities may call it the ‘hell’ they believe. I am neither for nor against their belief. This direction is along the concentration line of space→ mass of the ‘mest’. At this hypothetical centre there is only mass and no space and to reach there one can’t avoid passing through a black hole. If there are numerous black hole then there have to be as many centers of our universe.
The straight line motion for the ant means the motion parallel to the invisible surface of the football.

It doesn’t know the direction leading straight towards the center of the football. In scientific parlance, it requires to be lighter than the ‘light’ to move in that direction. The second unknown direction goes to the boundary of the football. This one is along the line of mass → space of the ‘mest’, taking one to the region of pure space without any mass or energy. You can say the much desired ‘heaven’. But to reach or to cross the boundary of the football, the escape velocity needs to be a tad more than the speed of light, not attainable for material objects of this universe. It implies that to have a glance of either of the infinity, the prerequisite is to be either lighter than light or faster than light. On one direction it is pure mass and the other goes to pure space.

Now I come to the most interesting aspect of this ‘mest’ model of universe. The ant is always at the meeting point of the two infinities wherever it may be inside the football. The two infinities therefore meet at every possible point of the universe. This makes our universe finitely infinite. We and everything in this universe exist at the intersection of the two infinities. Right 0 or right ∞.
Published: 2007-11-18

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