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Rights and Discoveries

righst and discoveries

Prospects for discoveries and intellectual material hopes in the universe and nature organism and the pacific research confirms the importance of reason,studies and reason (we tend to thing of the world's great discoveries in terms of the people who made them:Thomas Edition and the electric light bulb,Maries curies and radium,Eintein and relativity. But,in,fact, discoveries are never the work of single individuals toiling alone.They are always the result of a group effort,with each individual bilding on the achievement of colleagues and predecessors.

This special issue of time is the result of a similar collaborative effort.From the cloning of dolly the images of exploding galaxies send back from the hubble telescope,it's clear that a new Age of discoveries is at hand.We therefore believed the time was right to chronicle some of the emerging discoveries in such gield as evolution,genetics, computing and cosmology.

To this end,we asked some of the world's leading scientists,academics and thinkers to open articles on the state of the art in their disciplines.we also called on our global netwotk of correspondent to chronicle some of the most impotant discoveries of our time.our story on the discoveries still waiting to be made in the world's dwindling rain forest is a case in point.Staff writer Maryann Bird pored over report from correspondents in Latin America and southeast asia and met with rain forest scientists and activists to research her piece.

Soon the story became somewhat like a rain forest itself)Jams Oseay
Rights thinkers today and the future Children and young friend and listener to all generation. An ambitious actor and critic
Aims at the lives sublime(Darwinian science is also beginning to siscover how our ancient tool kit fares in the modern world.For 99/ of human existance we lived as hunter-gatherers,Ten thousand years ago agriculture arrived.Our evolved bodies and minds were unchanged,but,placed in novel environments,tri ggered by cues,how would they respond,for an inkling,go no further than your local fast-food joint.It is a monument to ancient tastes,to our evolved preferences for sugar,fat and saIt.In our past,these find were so scare that we could't eat too our instincts are misled,resulting in the first epidemic of obesity that humans have ever know.And we are processing not only food but also information that we weren't designed to digest.

We have initiated a huge inadvertent experiment on human nature.Think of our devices for choosing mates exquisitely fine-tuned but not,perhaps,to some of today's challenges.a recent study found that,when people were shown pictures of beautiful and high status peopleof the opposite sex.both women and men became more dissatisfied with their own partners.We were evolved to assess beauty and status.and to calibrate our satisfaction against a few hundred people at most.Yet we are all now exposed daily to images of the world's most powerful men more bequiling than any our ancestors ever saw.Global communication amplify these invidious messages across the world.).
Published: 2008-08-14
Author: hicham harrak

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