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Rock or rap

Rock, rap, mind

I love linkin park. I can't stand 50 cent. In my country, hip hop is the culture we live. It's everywhere! In rap, women are bitches and the only woman deserving respect is your mother( or so i thought till eminem came along). It's what makes being a gangsta alrite, doin drugs part of the street life and why you just cant be faithful to one woman. According to Nas, hip hop is dead. I agree maybe not for the same rasons he thinks so but i am glad i am not the only one who thinks so. Mothers, i reach out to you. letting your child listen to just any rap record is like giving him a loaded gun. From what i have observed, hip hop creates room for violence. Most gang bangers dont listen to mozart or beethoven or shania twain. They listen to hip hop and they are faithful to what it preaches and yet people give islam such a hard time for being a violent religion. What of hip hop?

You are not quick to agree? Probably you are a rap fan but let me ask you a question. If a rapper's record only talked about rspecting your parents and being good at school and fufilling your religious responsibilities, youu would be quick to label him as whack? am i wrong? and you probably still dont see what is wrong because you have been brainwashed by this hip hop poets. In history, poets were powerful people who mediated wars and were respected worldwide. These poets have come back as hip hop artists and they are running your child's life and he or she is probably listening to them right now.

Rock, it's virtues are as worse as hip hop but it gets more emotional. psychologically troubled people tend to love rock. It becomes their refuge. Rock is a like a dose of your favourite drug. It creates weirdos who develop a strange pattern of behaviour. A taciturn who eventually becomes a serial killer was probably a rock fan. A nerd who shoots himself in the head in the school toilet has rock cds at home. Rock could also be a form of emotional grief. People who appear fine but have a past which is biting them from the inside probably listen to rock music and are always glad to find some other people who are into the same kind of music. Faithful rock fans tend to be angry all the time and disrespectful towards their parents. Being consious of what your child is listening to goes a long way to determine what type of personality he would develop over time.
Published: 2007-03-10
Author: hafeez oluwa

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