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Sadam Husein: A victim of Gog and Magog(Part One)

Gog and Magog

In Ezekiel chapter 38-39, Gog and Magog represent two great nations who will have dominion over the nations of the earth in the end-times. In the book of Revelation chapter 13, Gog and Magog represent the beast that will rise from the earth with two horns like a lamb.

According to the book of Revelation chapter 20, after the millennium reign of Christ, the two nations will bow to the devil being released from the prison whom he will deceive to attack the camp of the saints and the holy city Jerusalem but fire will come down from heaven and consume them.

Base on the biblical prophecies, let us go into detailed analysis about the activities and the characteristic of Gog and Magog in the end-times.

The prophetic book of Ezekiel chapter 38-39 is our point of study using Iraq as a topical example of the activities of Gog and Magog in our days. The name Gog and Magog according to bible scholars refer to former Soviet Union which remain symbolic as the current unfolding world events do not in any way tally with the ancient prophecy of Ezekiel.

The prophecy of Ezekiel did not indicate that Gog and Magog will actually invade Isreal quite contrary to what most bible scholars teach. This former Soviet forces attacking Isreal remain symbolic as Soviet Union is no longer in existence but had spilt into several nations.

Moresore the United States and Great Britain cannot attack Isreal but is playing a defensive rule on the side of Isreal in the middle east regions. In the prophecy of Ezekiel chapter 38-39, the implied Soviet and her alied forces suspected to be all the Islamic countries according to some bible scholars were consume by fire and brime stone in attempt to attack Israel and the Lord defended Israel from the invasion just as the Lord defended Jerusalem in the days of King Hezekiah and Prophet Isaiah who said to the king that the armies of the Assyrians that come to invade Jerusalem will not shoot any arrow toward it and will return in the same way the came(Isaiah chapter 37-38). In the same way the Lord will defend the end-time new Jerusalem and the camp of the saints when Gog and Magog will come to surround it in order to invade it but will be consume by fire and brimstone from heaven(Rev. chapter 20).

Therefore the prophecy of Ezekiel is entirely symbolic in meaning while foretelling the emergence of two great nations known as Gog and Magog who will have dominion over all the nations of the earth and will involve armies of other countries to fight a single country using Israel as a symbol as the prophecy of Ezekiel implied.

Moreso, Gog and Magog nations have not been one of the ancient biblical nations that had ruled the world. Therefore Prophet Ezekiel predicted of two great Supper Powers whose government will be different from the rest of the kingdoms that ruled before. Therefore Prophet Daniel predicted the emergence of a beast which represent a kingdom that is different from all beasts or kingdom that had ruled before whose nations will produce the antichrist in the end-time(Daniel 7;7).

In the book of Revelation chapter 17, reveals the beast(both the past, present and future government to rule the world). The beast or kingdoms are: Egypt, Greece, Babylon, Mede-persia, Assyria, Rome and now Gog and Magog government - making seven in all.This is the seven heads of the beast. In the book of Revelation chapter 17, Babylon is used for the fact the end-time world government will have dominion like the accident Babylonian kingdom which will produce the image of the beast to be worshipped and in which the saints will face persecution just as Daniel and his friends were persecuted some of who were thrown into the fire and cast into the Lion dean. Moreso, the government of this end-time Babylon will be jointly ruled by the saint and the antichrist within the last seven years just Daniel and his friends ruled over Babylon after being tried of their faith(Read the book of Daniel for more details).

Now the seventh heads of the beast is the government of Gog and Magog known as the United States and Great Britain. According to the prophecy of Daniel, the Leopard beast ruled the world; the leopard beast was the government of Greece headed by Alexendar the Great. Now democracy stated from Greece; therefore the book of Revelation chapter 13 indicated that a leopard beast(a democratic government) will emerge whose democratic system of government is being practiced today and spreading like a wild fire into most part of the world. Therefore, the Kingdom system of government like that of King David which is restricted to the royal line will be pushed aside and the ancient introduced democratic system of Greece will soon overtake the world known as the democratic system of government.

While the Gog and Magog known today as the United States and Great Britain controls the nations of the world through the United Nations organization whose headquarted is the United States being the principal donor and sponsorer while the Great Britain controls the Common Wealth of Nations whose headquarters is in the United Kingdom being the principal donor and sponor. Both nations control the world on a democratic basis which is no more limited to Greece alone but has become global. Therefore prophet Daniel indicated that it is different from all other kingdoms that had ruled before(Dan. 7:7). Then revelation chapter 13 indicated that the beast that rose from the earth force every one to worship(abide by the democratic rules of the first leopard beast of Greece); the beast is like a lamb having two horns. The two horns represent the United States and Great Britain which rule they play today by enforcing democracy in every country of the world.

Prophet Daniel indicated that the wild best different from others produces a little horn speaking great things. Thus he foretold the emergence of the antichrist government within the Gog and Magog regime of the end-times who will wage war against the saints of God during the great tribulation upon the arrival of the Ancient of Days known as the end-time Prophet Elijah and as King David who shall defeat him in the war of Armegddeon and cast him into the flame of fire before the second coming of the Messiah with the clouds of heaven(Dan 7:7-end).

The prophecy of Ezekiel reveals that Gog is the leader while Mgog plays a supportive rule; so Gog is more popular than Magog. Therefore, the United States representing Gog is more popular than Great Britain on world issues in the end-time. Being the headquarter of the United Nations and the Common Wealth of Nations both countries influence the United Nations decision on political issue involving any country in the world.

The prophecy of Ezekiel did not indicate that Gog and Magog in collaboration with other nations fight a country to rule the world as a kingdom but rather fight a single county involving armies from other nations to just for a common cause as they did to Iraq while the United States which is Gog play the rule of a world police man and become more popular than Great Britain.


Published: 2006-10-27
Author: Goodnews Adolphus

About the author or the publisher
Goodnews Adolphus is the Pricipal Consultant of G. Delcan Interantional Services, a Christain religious Writer, a Diploma holder in International Trade and Finance and full member of the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria

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