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Sadam Husein: A victim of Gog and Magog(Part Three)

Gog and Mago democratic system of Governmet

Revelation chapter 13 implies that the beat that rose from the earth like a lamb with two horns is a false prophet who is to enforce false democratic system of government all over the world which also involve counting the number or the mark of his name. The following are the false characteristic of the democratic system of government:

MONEY INFLUENCE: Since buying and selling is involved in the democratic system of government, money will play a great rule in this kind of democratic business. Also you must have the mark as a member of a political party on whose platform you can contest election and sometimes on a zero party basis. In either case, you must have your own identity which represent your image or photograph to appear both on your posters, hand bills and on the ballot papers. All these cost you money. It is very necessary that you have your party or personal identity as to enable the people recognize who they have decided to vote for. This also represents the mark or the image of the beast because you are going to represent the government of the beast when you are voted into power.

In either cases, money is used to influenced the citizen of a country to vote for a candidate even against the will of the majority opinion and whether you are a credible candidate or not with money you can buy the majority votes even a God fearing clergy could fail the election if he could not match up with you financially because the bible described it as a false government implied as a false prophet.

The fund use to back-up the candidate is for false campaign by telling lies and false promises with false manifestos and above all, rigging of the electoral votes and if possible hiring of tugs and assassins to kill political opponents.

The democratic policy becomes a game of money in as much as buying and selling is concerned as the prophecy of Revelation chapter 13 implied. So without adequate funding even though you are a saint you cannot win election rather the money bags will hijack your votes just few days to the election. The democratic policy also require international funding. Most Presidential candites and governors of a particular country may try to will the favor of a President in another country for sponsorship so that if he wins, they will become serious trading partners and the President will financial back him-up with the hope that democracy is a game of win and loose and will bear the risk of failure.

RIGGING: Rigging of electoral votes has become part of the electoral system. Some countries even employ the services of rigging experts from another country by involving them in their electoral campaign team as machineries in order to show them how they can rig the election to the favor of the candidate who employed them. Revelation chapter 13 implies that counting will be involved in the false democratic system which states, "count the mark or the number of his name"(of the electoral ballot papers bearing the image/ photograph or name or his initials ) in order to determine the total figure whose total sum was "666" as implied. So winning an election is a matter of figure because "majority carry the vote" as they say. So this is where rigging become very import. So that they can twist the figure or inflate it the way they like and come up with a false winner and declare the election as free and fair.

As prophecy fulfills from one generation to another with various similarities which as I have earlier explained in my past articles, this time around it involves the name or mark of individual's name which partially fulfilled in the time of Nero Caesar and the Pope of Rome entitled with the "Son of God". Nero was counting of his name and the Pope was counting of his title. None of them went through the democratic process but came to rule the whole world by appointment. So the prophecy only fulfilled counting the name and the title which summed up to the figure "666" However there are some individual who are seen with the mark 666 on their head and hands. A half born German and Israeli was found with the mark 666 according to international press report of 1994. In Nigeria, a girl attending Government Girls Secondary School Abuloma in Rivers State was found with the mark 666 on her forehead and hand in 1994 according to press report and there are several others bearing the such mysterious mark "666" around the world which serves as a partial fulfillment of the scripture but however, these individual has nothing to do with the antichrist government for the fact that they have not come to rule the world unlike the Nero Caesar case whose letters of his name was 666 and persecuted the Christians.

Therefore in this generation, we are talking about the Leopard beast system of government of Greece known as democracy where money is involved in the buying and selling both in international trade and sanctions and in the democratic electoral excise quite unlike in the days of Nero Caesar and that of the Pope of Rome in order to fulfill the prophecy in the end-times.

The prophecy implied that the democratic system has to do with counting of electoral votes in order to determine the winner who eventually become the President of the nation and this has to do with rigging of electoral votes and the winner becomes a false president implied as a false prophet because the government was built on falsehood.

THE INCUBENCY FACTOR: The worst of the democratic system is the incumbency factor. This where the person voted into office as Governor or President, remain in power to context for another tenor. In this process, some incumbents tend to remains in power for life which in most cases ended up in a bloody coup or civil war.

Using his incumbency, he uses his office to elect his favorable and loyal electoral offices who will conduct the subsequent elections and to rig for him under the false pretense of a free and fair election. He uses the security officers such as police, armies and other security agents to intimidate his opponents and their supporters and hijack all the voters by bribing them with government money.

He also set up an electoral tribunal to handle cases of electoral malpractices; he will use his office to appoint the judges of the tribunal whom he considered to be very loyal to him and to turn the truth upside down to his own favor and then come up with a false victory.

In the light of these, God's kingdom that is about to set up must bring all theses abomination to an end(Dan. 2:44).

In God's Kingdom, the saints take over power and work on a rational basis just like the services of a Priest working in the temple. You work when it come to your turn provided you are on the rational list of the saints. So money politics, rigging, bribery etc will not be involved. We the saints become the light to the whole world. It is at hand!

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To continue in part four

Published: 2006-10-27
Author: Goodnews Adolphus

About the author or the publisher
Goodnews Adolphus is the Pricipal Consultant of G. Delcan Interantional Services, a Christain religious Writer, a Diploma holder in International Trade and Finance and full member of the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria

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