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Sadam Husein: A victim of Gog and Magog(Part Two)

Gog and Magog

The book of Revelation being a reflection of the book of Prophet Daniel predicted the coming of the eighth beasts or kingdoms which belong to the seven. For the fact that the United States and Great Britain will produce the kingdom of the antichrist with false religion making the eighth Kingdom but is numbered with the seven being a product of the United States and Great Britain who will overthrow the government of the saints in the end-times just as the Papacy regime of the saints was overthrown after ruling for 1260 years. Therefore the antichrist government to come is the eighth kingdom to rule but belong to Gog and Magog government being the forerunner of the antichrist government to rule.

The book of Revelation chapter 20 reveals that Satan who deceived Gog and Magog nations where thrown into the same fire where the antichrist and the false prophet were throne . This implies that The United States and Great Britain representing Gog and Magog are the forerunner of the antichrist government who is to impose the mark 666.

The book of Revelation chapter 13 reveals that the beast that rose from the earth appeared like a lamb having two horns speaking like a lamb commanding every one to worship and to receive the mark of the first beast that was wounded with the sword and yet live. This implies that the antichrist from the United States and the British government whose government will be overthrown by the saints through the end-time biblical prophet which shall be wounded by the word of God being the sharp sword from the mouth of the biblical prophet known as the Prince of the Covenant in Daniel chapter 8, but at the end of the first three and half years, the United States and Great Britain known as Gog and Magog and being the beast with the two horns will force the world to go back and practice the former democratic system of government which had been abolished by the saints but will resurrect whose king or president will introduce a kind of religion similar to Judaism, Christianity and Islam; this implies that the beast(the government) that rose from the earth looks like a lamb resembling Christianity, Islam and Judaism commanding the world to go back and practice the democratic system of government of the leopard kingdom of Greece and to fight against the saints who is to change both times and laws of the saints as prophet Daniel earlier predicted(Daniel 7:1-end); therefore the lamb speaks like a dragon in red color who is to fight against the saints(Revelation chapter 13)

Now Revelation chapter 20 reveals that after the 1000 years of the milelium reign, the devil will go back to deceive the United States and Great Britain known as Gog and Magog as key leaders in order to overthrow the government of the saints but this time fire will rain from heaven and consume them.


The book of Ezekiel reveals that God will rain fire on Magog together with those that dwell carelessly on the isles(Ezekiel 39:6). Here Prophet Ezekiel was pointing the exact location of Gog and Magog to emerge from those Island nations or costlands of the world in the end-times and not from the former Soviet Union. The Isles are known as the British Isles including the Caribbean Islands and others not mentioned around the world which are of the current and former British colonies. The book of Ezekiel reveals that Gog is living in the land of Magog; which implies that Gog is of the British colony(Magog).

In Revelation chapter 12:1-5 the great red dragon described the color and the race of the country to produce the antichrist to whom the great red dragon will give his power to and his religion is known as the religion of Gog and Magog which must be of INDIAN ORIGIN and as many as those whose names are not written in the Lamb's book of life since from the creation of the world will worship him according to chapter 13 of the book of Revelation.

The original owner of the United States are the native American known as the red Indians. Therefore before the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, the book of Revelation described the natives colors of the Americans who are known as the red Indians whose country today is a world power being the international capital of the United Nations Organization, the World Bank Group and other Multilateral agencies being the world financial centre after the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Therefore both Gog and Magog control the world economy and controls the world currencies such as the U.S DOLLAR AND THE BRITISH POUND. The American Indians were in full control of the United States but lost their lands during series of civil wars and in the process were colonized by the British which gave birth to independent United States of America which consist of various races of the world which has now become a world power.


The book of Revelation chapter 13 reveals that the best rising out of the earth command everyone to worship the first beast which was wounded by the sword(the WORD OF GOD) and yet live; it implies that after the first three and half years of the saints he will re-introduce the democratic government but this time will not rule too long but will be very short - he will only rule for just three and half years and will be brought to an end during the war of Armageddon to be defeated by the sharp sword proceeding from the mouth of the biblical prophet.

This little period of the end-time democratic rule for three and half years is known the little horn of the wild beast different from others in the book of Daniel chapter 7 and chapter 12 written as "For a time, two times and half a time". In the book of Revelation chapter 13 is known as forty-two months while the first three and half years of the saints to rule is known as 1260 days which is three and half years in order to differentiate it from the two periods(Revelation chapter 11 and 12).

Now according to the book of Revelation chapter 13, the beast that rose from the earth with two horns known as the United States and Great Britain, will command everyone to receive the mark of the beast(the current and the future democratic govrment of Greece the leopard beast of Daniel chapter 7 and 8) so that everyone( each member nation of the United Nations controlled by United States and member nation of Common Wealth of Nations controlled by Great Britain) receive the mark of the beast(to abide by the rules of democracy ); he makes an image of the beast to be worshipped (who set up the democratic system of government to be followed by member countries all over the world ecognize as the leading nations of democracy in the world; whose national democractic consititions the world follow to produce independent constitution of their countries as a guide); that no one (any country that disobey the rules of democracy will not) buy or sell -( WILL FACE SEVERE A ECONOMIC SANCTION- WILL NOT IMPORT OR EXPORT GOODS AND SERVICES FROM MEMBER NATIONS OF THE UNITED NATIONS BEING CONTROL BY THE UNITED STATES AND THE COMMON WEALTH OF NATIONS BEING CONTROL BY GREAT BRITAIN; ALL TRADING ACTIVITIES AND BALATERAL COOPERAION FROM MEMBER NATIONS WITHDRAWN; NIGERIA WAS A VICTIM OF ECONOMIC SANCTION DURING THE LATE GENERAL SANI ABACHA ERA).Through the imposition of economic sanctions, citizens of the affected country faces severe economic hardship.

Also the book of Revelation chapter 13, states that who can make war with the(leopard) beast that was wounded with the sword and yet live? This reveals the military power of Gog and Magog who will have the military support from all member nations both from the United Nations and the Common Wealth of Nations to fight a single country for a common goal and no nation can withstand them.

Since the democractic system of Gog and Magog is the forerunner of the government of the antichrist to come, it also main comprehensive list of all member nations world wide whose armies also drawn from members nations to fight a country just as the lamb book of life contains lists of saints whose nations will rule the world in God's Kingdom.


Published: 2006-10-27
Author: Goodnews Adolphus

About the author or the publisher
Goodnews Adolphus is the Pricipal Consultant of G. Delcan Interantional Services, a Christain religious Writer, a Diploma holder in International Trade and Finance and full member of the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria

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