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Saoirse, Freeconomy Founder, Walks His Talk Of Freedom

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A hero walks the earth out there somewhere in our midst in pursuit of freedom. His name is Saoirse.

He walks to prove to the world and himself that, contrary to popular belief, money is not the survival need that it’s presumed to be. Freedom from money entirely is possible.

Saoirse already set a movement in motion when in 2007 he launched []Freeconomy[/url] as an on-line means of mobilising global citizens. He began building a network of local communities who enjoy freedom from profit-driven motives through a free system of skills, jobs, tools and even land sharing.

After the ball started to roll on that project, generating momentum with great worldwide interest, Saoirse turned his focus to a next formidable task: to pilgrimage across two continents from his home in Bristol, UK, to Porbandar, India, walking the whole 10,000km distance on foot and free of money. Rather, he trusts his way will attract the support he requires by engaging with the people he meets and offering to help them in exchange for food or other assistance.

On the rare sunny morning of January 30, 2008, Saoirse set off on his epic journey for freedom, scheduled to coincide with the 60th anniversary of his personal hero’s death, Mahatma Gandhi, who advised, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

Originally from Northern Ireland, 28, Saoirse’s name means ‘Freedom’ in Gaelic, which suits well the young man who devotes now his life to achieving socio-economic freedom. Born into a culture of ideologies in conflict, his story is an inspiring model for one man’s willful quest in pursuit of his visionary ideal, in this case challenging the existing paradigm of what means financial freedom with a realisable alternative to profit, being just for the love of it.

Nearly a decade ago, while attending classes in pursuit of a business degree, Saoirse first watched the historic film, Gandhi, which sparked a revolution of his own views toward the role and organisation of society. Suddenly, the teachings of his school were held under a new light of ethical scrutiny, as self-motivated gains of material wealth no longer appealed in the way they once had. Instead, Saoirse’s focus shifted to studying Gandhi’s message and its implications for freedom in the comparative scope of modern economics.

Having attained his degree, Saoirse turned to global and local activism in pursuit of ethical and environmental successes for the betterment of our world. However, after many years campaigning for a wide variety of social causes, Saoirse identified them actually as all being mere sympoms of one underlying root cause: money and credit as the primary barriers to freedom around the world. "I feel that as long as we have money we will never have true non-violence or real community."

Observing two forms of poverty prevalent in today’s world, that being spiritual and material poverty, it became self-evident that money offers neither happiness nor freedom. Too often, money and credit combined is the principle factor causing directly or indirectly the vast majority of societal ills, such as human rights abuses, war, famine, disease, environmental destruction, global warming, etc. Furthermore, Saoirse says, many of the quick fix solutions presented today, such as replacing old with new biodegradable plastic bags in an otherwise uninterrupted tide of unsustainability, will not remedy these symptoms if the underlying problem of greed for materialism continues unabated.

Saoirse, tired of battling what seemed an endless struggle to relieve the many symptoms, resolved to strike money out of the equation altogether and thereby solve most problems at their source in a grassroots way. Freedom need not wait for policy-makers in office who have tended to be slow at effecting change. He calls Freeconomy “homeopathy for society.”

Freeconomy is born out of this need to “transition from a money-based communityless society to a community-based moneyless [one].”

The world, it appears, eagerly awaited this worthwhile solution to ease its feeling of spiritual poverty from decades of lacking community among individuals. Immediately, Freeconomy grew at a remarkable rate of approximately 20 new members per day worldwide, and membership has swollen to over 4000 people representing 79 different nations. The potential for global change is promising, as each one may enlist others in their local community to form a moneyless support network founded on the principles of love and freedom.

Saoirse explains, "we are at a very crucial point in history with the looming threat of peak oil and climate change." Eventually, oil resources will run out or become too expensive for use by the existing systems of trade and commerce. Human civilisation is in a period of transition to what will follow in a post-peak oil scenario, but that countdown doesn’t lead necessarily to catastrophe if people utilise the tools available to them now in advance. One such tool is the global communications capacity of the internet to organise, share knowledge and prepare so that freedom may be realised rather than recovered from in the wake of disaster.

Saoirse’s vision for society is guided by ecological principles: "You need complete harmony between the individual and the community, like you need to respect the individuals because we're all individuals, but you also need to remember we're all interdependent." In the dialectical growth of societies, it seems that the antitheses of capitalist and communist positions may reconcile in a new synthesis, an ecological model for human organisation with compelled by the external pressure of global environmental change, thus redefining the very concept of what means ‘freedom.’

Freeconomy, backed by the powerful example of Saoirse’s courage and faith over these long months ahead, offers world citizens the inspiration and means to make the necessary steps to freedom in their own lives and at a scale that’s manageable within their local communities.

Saoirse has ignited a veritable wildfire that now spreads exponentially with his message of freedom for all.
Published: 2008-02-18
Author: Taylor Judson

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Born in Canada, 1975, completed BA & BEd degrees at Queen's University, specializing in Outdoor & Experiential Education. Traveled extensively as an international school teacher, wilderness guide, and whitewater paddler, while pursuing a higher path of spiritual study. Now based in Switzerland where works as a children's author, freelance journalist, massage therapist and healer.

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