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Save More by Subscribing Satellite Television Service

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When satellite television first introduced in the market during the early 90’s the home dishes were expensive equipments to be installed and the size of the satellite receiver Dish is also huge. Receiving the subscription also required many procedure and clearance from the authorities and only big companies invested in satellite television setup.

But the things changed rapidly and due to the advanced technology in the satellite broadcasting system now the Dish is very compact and very affordable than the existing cable television. Unlike the cable television, the satellite has wider coverage area and even the villages and rural area can receive the best digital quality picture and sound. The subscription cost of the satellite television is also cheap when you compare the average cable television costs. If you subscribe to a cable television service you can get only limited number of channels and the price range is $35 - $45. But, the satellite television service can offer you more number of channels for a lesser price and you can get number of features and add on packages along with your subscription price. People find that the satellite TV is the better technology than the existing cable television and it is the popular choice for many Americans. Currently there are more than 25 million customers are now enjoying the world of satellite entertainment, of which Dish TV is having more than 13 million customers.

Dish TV is offering the best deals among the other satellite television providers. You can get more than 120 channels for the lowest subscription price of $19.99. Dish TV now offers four different packages that suite to every home entertainment. The packages are bronze, silver, gold and America’s everything. The bronze is the basic programming package and you can get more than 120 channels with this pack. The gold package offers more than 280 channels and with the silver you can get around 200 channels for the subscription price of $47.99 and 32.99 respectively. All the packages are carefully designed and provide best entertainment to the different age groups in the family. The general category of channels included in the packages are lifestyle, entertainment, news channels, family entertainment, sports, education, learning, music, public interest, religion and audio only channels.

Dish TV now runs some special promotion to attract more subscribers, this truly special offers is one of the best deals you can get for your paid satellite television service. The special offers are; you can get free three months subscription for HBO and Showtime, free activation charges, free DVR upgrade up to 3 TV’s and all the packages comes with free professional installation (up to 4 rooms). By signing up Dish TV you can save more than 60% on your cable TV costs. Order today before the special promotions expire.

You can enjoy satellite television with advanced high definition technology when you subscribe to Dish TV. Currently Dish TV is offering more number of high definition channels for your home entertainment. The high definition channels include the famous movie channels, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, adventure, children and local channels.
Published: 2010-01-22
Author: Mike Tolla

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You can find much difference between satellite television and cable TV; subscribe today and enjoy the best quality entertainment at lowest price for further details visit


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