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School Loan Consolidation

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Due to high cost of education coupled with the high cost of living most parents could not afford to pay for their children’s school fees; consequently, many are dropping out of school. Most parents who are employed later lost their jobs due to the fact that the company in which they worked had fold up and some of the students have lost their parents; upon the demise of the father, the mother alone could take care of all the family responsibilities including financing their education being a widow.

As a student, if you find yourself in that situation, you can still further your education despite the fact that you cannot be a full-time student. As a dropped out, you can look for a job which could give you time to read if actually you trust yourself and you are very brilliant; get enrolled with a part-time training programme that can prepare you sitting any examination of your choice; it may be qualification of university admission such as G.C E exams. Most students engage in part-time job to financing their education at any level reading at their spare time.

You should as well enrolled with either a correspondence or distance tutorial college which could prepare you sit for diplomas and degrees examination. You should first of all register with external examinations; there are several external examination bodies that you can register with dependant on your level. Certificate, diplomas and degrees warded are well recognized which could fetch you a good job either in the government or in the multinational companies specially if you are a professional in your chosen field.

Most Universities has department of “Distance Education” or “Open University” which you can enroll with while engaging in a full or part-time job and have time for reading. Most prominent men in our society did not enroll full-time in the school but got their qualification through enrolling with tutorial collages studying at evenings or correspondence which enable them sit for external examinations both professional and even degrees examination. So you too can make it if you are intelligent and ambitious.

The State and Federal Government also assist in the financing of education; this include grants, scholarships and soft term loans offer to students. You may be lucky to gain scholarship, grants and loans in order to cover your educational cost and basis needs while at school. In case you are not lucky to gain scholarship and loans, the grants cannot cover all the cost involves. Therefore you are to look for a loan in order to cover the cost through approaching the government or other lenders. Sometimes grants could be given at the Local Government, State and Federal dependant on the educational policy of the country you live and students could be given scholarships and grants from all the various level of governments base on your academic excellence and as citizenship rights

On the other hand, a student could be engaged in vocational jobs while at school dependent on his professional skill and could save as much to enable him paying off his loans and could as well obtain consolidation loan from another lenders in order to pay off his former loan. In case of the loan, you need to engage either a Co-Signer or a Guarantor. In this case, the new loan you obtained could take you to finish your school at that level some you cannot take care of yourself and at the same time paying off the former loan. The Co-Signer or Guarantor would first of all study your loan request to know your level of education , professional skill and as well as knowing how far you have gone in the payment of the former loan which you are going to present to the consolidation loan lender. The new loan if approved will relief you of the pressure of paying the old loan and to start making payment after you have completed your school and you find your self in a good paying job.

The government could as well approve grants and consolidation loans to assist students who have spent some considerable years in the school in the pursuit of their education. Students could be engaged in national services during their graduation where they are being paid some token amount including incentives and could enjoy such incentives both from the Local, State and from the Federal Government. Some companies they serve during their vocational and national service could as well engage them for a full-time service after the graduation base on individual skill and profession which they require

All these are the various areas you can easily help yourself out and how you could as well obtain consolidation loan in the pursuit of your career.

Good luck
Published: 2006-04-12
Author: Goodnews Adolphus

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