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Sci-fi and TV come to life, bringing World Peace to this part of the Cosmic Hologram-Computer

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Cosmic Hologram

My earlier articles suggest lasers can be used to create universes. If so, absolutely everything is occurring inside a cosmic hologram, which is a single frame. All forms of motion can therefore be compared to successive frames, or many images, existing on a single holographic plate or film. This applies to orbits of stars and planets, electromagnetic currents within subatomic particles, instant communication between particles that are light-years apart ... and so on.

Cosmic Computer

But what about the movements people and animals make? What about free will? Answering these questions seems to require thinking of the universe as not only a cosmic hologram, but also as a cosmic computer. We must also remember that this cosmic computer does not merely mean programming, but it means programming that includes randomness (we might also refer to “randomness” as “mutations”). [Randomness is introduced into the chain of repetitive calculations producing the image of a mountain range so a convincingly rugged image will result.]

God Does Play Dice

Using this model, we can regard orbits, currents and instant communication as subroutines in the cosmic programming. Every little voluntary movement, however, is not an unalterable thing pre-programmed into our lives. Randomness means we have a degree of free will (since we can control our movements, we can influence mutations and programming). To extend Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, mutations do not mean we possess a common ancestor with apes - mutations or randomness would be essential for every form of life, matter and energy to come into existence.

Invariance and Relativity in Holography

Dennis Gabor proposed the theory of holography in 1947, but it only became practicable with the invention of the laser in 1960. So if your name was Albert Einstein and you were thinking about these things about 100 years ago, you´d be tempted to call your theory the Theory of Invariance (after light´s [the cosmic hologram´s] unchanging properties [referring to its constant velocity in a vacuum], and the quality of holograms appearing different from differing viewpoints would become known as Relativity. Einstein did, in fact, originally favour the term "invariance". If the things I’ve written are correct, Relativity and quantum mechanics would have done the right thing in convincing me there are actually no solid or separate objects or events in space or time.


To conclude today's writing, let’s go to TV Land - specifically, the American soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” :

Still Watching TV

When Taylor and Stephanie were arguing about the 2% share in Forrester Creations which the former received, Taylor said to Stephanie "You are me, I am you". This reminded me that the universe is a unification. Quantum mechanics, Einstein´s Relativity, theories of universal holograms and cosmic computers, plus the idea in eastern religions that reality is illusion together convince me this is so, and that there are actually no solid or separate objects or events in space or time. In particular, I´m convinced by Relativity´s E=mc2 (E=mc squared) and quantum theory´s Wave-Particle Duality, as well as what quantum mechanics says about subatomic particles communicating instantaneously across the universe or experiencing the whole universe in their existence.

Not Schizophrenic

This must mean I am in Australia and America at the same time - and that you are in America and Australia at the same time (quantum mechanics speaks of the probability of particles being in two places at once). It must also mean I am you, and you are me.

World Peace

World peace is inevitable if anyone in the world is actually themself + anyone else (despite what we see, hear and experience). Everything always exists in the Universal Programmed Hologram, so every one and thing is even more intimately and eternally linked than we can imagine. (For this reason, I ask myself if I really wrote the book, or if I was merely looking for words to express ideas buried deep in the unconscious mind of everyone.) No-one and nothing is different and separate from anyone else or anything else. So when terrorists attack Western civilization, they´re really attacking themselves. And when Western civilization attacks terrorists, it´s really attacking itself. And Arabs and Israelis never take revenge on each other for wrongful acts - they´re also attacking themselves. For this reason, great religious books are correct to teach "Thou shalt not kill." whatever alphabet and exact words are used (note the period [full stop] after the word "kill").

We Must Remember Them

Nevertheless, we must always remember the bravery and sacrifices of those who struggled in this world before the present year. Different actions are appropriate at different times in our personal history e.g. going to school when a child, having children when an adult. In the same way, different things are appropriate at different times in world history. The past was a time for wars, the future is a time to refrain from war.

Miracles and Wonders

Sure, we appear different and separate, but our minds can overcome that illusion presented by our senses and experiences. Each of us lives in two worlds ... that of our everyday senses and that of the mysterious universal hologram. So our minds have a lot to do - we need to explore the wonders and miracles of the new holographic world, and also reconcile that with this old world, so it too will come to be full of wonders and miracles. And it´s a good thing that we live in 2 worlds. If we were restricted to the holographic world, we would pervade all existence. Nothing from what we think of as "out there" could stimulate our brain cells and make us conscious.* But like characters in a cosmic SIMS or SECOND LIFE game, we have individuality in our second world and brains that can become conscious of the first (holographic) world.

Earthbound No More

* If there´s a cosmic artificial intelligence, as I´ve suggested elsewhere, there would be calculations occurring eg the subroutines involved in the orbits of planets around stars. I´m sure these calculations would equal the firing and interconnecting of brains´ nerve cells - since this a cosmic AI, it must infinitely exceed the consciousness and intelligence of any individual brain! But we´re being anthropocentric at the moment, and discussing the biological brains of individual organisms. Therefore, exploring all the space and time (and hyperspace) in existence appears to require either 1) transportation of the physical brain - along with its body - in a vehicle resembling Doctor Who's TARDIS, 2) teleportation through space and time of the brain - and body - as nonphysical duplicates or backups of their physical counterparts, or 3) in a mental context, using the Unified Field to comprehend at least a few of the scientific discoveries of the distant future (thus letting our brains teleport our minds through space and time). (See "Building Doctor Who´s TARDIS", "Many Lives or One?" and "Super Evolving Creation" in my book.) These methods may seem like science fiction, but exploring the entirety of space-time appears impossible enough without being restricted to the total impossibility of using the physicality and technology we possess now, or will possess in the foreseeable future (eg our brains and bodies are vulnerable to radiation/muscle and bone loss/abnormal psychology/etc when travelling in space, and simply reaching nearby stars would take years).
Published: 2006-09-29
Author: Rodney Bartlett

About the author or the publisher
My articles are inspired by my book "Rod's Room - A New Earth And A New Universe". Buy it at and other online bookstores. sells merchandise with a photo of the book on it. I´ve tried to use the unification of all space-time to think about science in the extremely distant future (in a unified universe, this must be possible). Necessarily, this disregards the present to some extent, but I´ve based my thoughts on what science tells us today.

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