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Science And Religion

science religion God

Science and religion can they coexist
God is science He started all of this
Mans fascinations to know how and why
Contraptions of imaginations through space they will fly
Picking up particles all along the way
Trying to find the beginning of the first day

Telescopes peering into the universes soul
More answers more questions onward they toil
The big bang theory makes me leery
We started from nothing that makes it clearer
Did a building start without an architect
It wouldn’t be standing without him I bet

A watch on your arm started with a plan
So did the molecules of a grain of sand
The universe where did it begin where will it end
It is something only the planner can comprehend
The universe a fine precision machine
And we are only part of God’s endless scheme

Some spend their lives to know how and why
Science is not the only answer no matter how hard we try
Someone very powerful had to start all of this
It’s just too amazing you have to admit
God said He always was and always will be
It’s a mind boggling thought you just have to believe
Published: 2006-07-03
Author: Timothy Davis

About the author or the publisher
My name is Timothy I am a published author of a poetry book called Poems and Lyrics By The Po-Lyricalturtle I write on many subjects somtimes political, spiritual, and many other subjects
I also write lyrics and have had a few collaboration with some promising possibilitys

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