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Science and Spirituality are twins

science, spirituality

Once upon a time
there were two sisters on the earth
who lived together in the peace
and so there was no crime.

Both respected each other's morality
and so there was
no cruelity.

People of the earth respected them
followed their foot-prints
and for them
the two sisters were like a gem.

But once an earthquake happened
and a THUG came out of the
cracked soil
at that time everyone was in turmoil

He kidnapped the spitituality
from the lap of science
the people who knew spirituality
were all dead

Only the very small kids
who didn't know anything about the world
were alive

and so they don't believe that science had
another twin called spirituality
and now they are the adults
who don't believe
that science and spirituality are related
they are born to same mother

Now science is lonely
and spiritualty is alone

Playing in the hands of different people
living at different places
walking on different roads

THUG is sitting on the roof
of his empire
dressed in an expensive attire
earning money and fame
and nobody puts him any blame

But on remains of another
ruined hut
I am sitting
watching the two sisters
going apart

it seems, even the twins have forgotten
Once they were each other's PART
Published: 2007-05-22
Author: Dr. Sanjeev Kumari Paul

About the author or the publisher
working as Veterinary Medicine Specialist,
Enjoys as animal related content writer, poet, English-Hindi translator, reviews documents related to veterinary and animal relates stuff, photography of natural and veterinary related stuff.

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