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Secret to a long-lasting Marriage


Marriage is a life long commitment. Everyone wants to find that perfect someone who will eventually spend their days with them, if not spend forever. Many keep on searching for the right one, while others stay and opt to be single.

In this time and age, where divorce seems to preside every family problem, marriage and its status deem to be on its brink of end. But how do couples maintain longevity in marriage? Is there really a formula behind every successful marriage?

Marriage is not just a relationship, it is a partnership. It is borne out of love by two people, who decided to bring forth their lives as one existing unit. It is the culmination of everything past and present, to an eventual future with family and kids.

In it, two people decide to become one but should not forget their individuality. Marriage need not be restrictive, it must provide growth and change for the betterment of not just one but of two people involved. Many marriages fall apart because one feels the inadequacy, the lack of chance to grow. That if the time comes when being together poses a threat to individualism and self-worth...chances are one seeks another path to go to.

Many might argue with this, but losing oneself in marriage is never ideal. Being in a relationship where one finds himself inadequate, usually leads to him asking for space; distance which could in turn lead to them separating ways.

A marriage lasts a lifetime if the two people are and remain in love. Change in it need not be fearing as long as communication is present and open. Individuality does not necessarily mean departing from the promise of could mean growth in line of raising a family.

The secret to a long-lasting marriage is having two people admit how good they are individually, and have themselves work together to achieve harmony. Rely on each one's strengths and complement each one's weakness and any problem should be a breeze.
Published: 2008-02-15
Author: Jinky Lopez

About the author or the publisher
I am a freelance writer from the Philippines and has written articles pertaining to travel, migrants and overseas Filipino workers. I am into expository writing and poetry.

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