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Two new managers were appointed in a Human resource department of a multinational company. Ones job was to recruit the employees and other one was in selection committee. Although both were equally qualified first one was paid $10000 and later was paid $15000 per month. First manager look upset with this fact and it start to reflect in his work and behavior. He was no doubt talented but caught by stress of discrimination. His boss notices this point.

One fine day boss took that upset manager to a five star hotel for a lunch. He called a waiter, took menu and handover it to that manager and asks him to choose a “good order for the lunch”.
That manger(very first time taking food in five star hotel) was unable to select an order for next two minutes(Neither he knows the items written in menu, nor he understand what is good lunch for his boss).
Boss smiles and said one line “Dear, its easy to ask for menu but its tough to select an order”.
Manager understood the point.

Above case reflects the essence of selecting the right one for the right job at right time from the crowd collected by recruitment procedure. Today out of four major ‘M’(Men, Machine, Money and Material) its talented Men is the most important resource for every organization from the top to bottom.

To conclude, a quote on real value of human resource for an organization –
“Every single body is beggar of soul”
Published: 2007-04-08

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