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Self Healing

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In Today’s fast paced world where everything is expected to be quick and efficient it is not uncommon enough to expect the same from ourselves. As our ambitions touch the sky and we are all part of the rat-race we no longer have the time to give our bodies the required attention and space. When we are sick we expect the body to heal quickly. Little do we wonder that body is not a machine or a high tech gadget to get repaired and get moving quickly.

It is no wonder that for quick relief we take pain killers, antacids and paracetmols. Do we ever wonder what we are doing to ourselves in the process? Studies have shown that paracetmols which provide relief from fever can slow down growth of bones. Besides doctors say that fever is usually a symptom of underlying diseases which can be anything from flu to jaundice. By taking paracetmol people think they are cured and this leads to delay in proper treatment of diseases. So is the case with antibiotics (which can considerably lower your immunity in the long run), cough syrups etc.

Isn’t it much better to slow down a bit in life and take the time to heal ourselves? The law of self-recovery states that the body is capable of healing itself at a certain rate. If a person has cold due to viral infection the body recovers within a week or so without taking any medicines. For a good healing system the body must have correct diet, physical activity and rest. The mind also has a very significant role to play in healing.

The role of diet:

A correct diet will encourage fitness, energy and support the immune system. The general rule of healthy diet is to increase intake of fruits, vegetables, fiber, carbohydrates and low fat protein. As vitamins and nutrients have limited shelf life food has to be very fresh and not overcooked. It is best to eat raw or lightly cooked food.
There are some foods which are super health foods that are packed with nutrients which can be included in the diet. They are spinach, tomatoes, carrots, walnuts, barley, beetroot, broccoli, grapes, potatoes, sprouted grains, avocado etc.

Spinach is full of iron and it reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke etc. Carrots increase immunity, enhances eyesight and also is a cancer fighter. So are tomatoes. Walnuts are heart healthy and boost immunity. Sprouted grains are rich in vitamin A, C, D, E, K, B and calcium, potassium and enzymes. As we age bodies are less efficient in producing enzymes leading to indigestion. Sprouts as they are full of enzymes, aid in effective digestion.

They are some foods which are not good at all. More salt can induce high blood pressure; have a weakening effect on muscles, nerves and adrenaline glands. Similarly sugar which is food additive is an empty food. A high sugar intake will strain our insulin producing glands, cause obesity, tooth decay etc. Too much coffee, tea can cause anxiety, headache, migraine, over stimulation etc. Alcohol also needs to be within limits. Preservatives, cakes, jams, pastries etc should be minimum.

A diet for strong immunity needs to include

Vitamin C and E: This increases resistance to infection. Vitamin C is found in lemon, gooseberries, strawberry, drumstick leaves cabbage, sweet potato. Vitamin E is found in nuts, almonds, avocado, and coconut.

Vitamin B: This reduces fatigue, increases stamina and mental alertness. It is present in curds, ground nuts, rice bran, wheat, and oats.

Garlic: It is a good antioxidant. It stimulates the immune system.

Remember excess of anything is bad and everything should be in moderation. Local produce is always better than exotic vegetables and fruits which are often treated chemically to ripen.

Role of exercise and rest:

Getting the diet right is only part of the big picture. Appropriate exercise and rest are also required for a good immunity system. If the body is never pushed beyond its regular pace relaxation periods will have less benefit. Regular exercise improves sleep, reduces headache, increases stamina, improves circulation etc.

Walking one of the best forms of exercise is relatively inexpensive and full of good benefits. It not only improves your circulation but also your posture, muscles etc. For an ideal aerobic workout walk should last for 45 minutes at least. They are also other form of aerobic exercise like running, bicycling, swimming etc which can be pursued. Going to play your favorite sport like Tennis, Badminton and Golf also combines physical fitness with hobby.

Activity must be balanced with rest. Fatigue, headache, small colds everything disappears with a good night’s sleep. Avoid taking too much of coffee and tea if you have trouble sleeping. Drinking a glass of warm milk will induce sleep. Some people read light books and promptly fall asleep. Some people avoid the news. One can also try some breathing exercises before going to sleep. The priority of each one should be to have good quality rest.

Role of mind:

Mind has a very important role to play in the healing process. Though most of the diseases are physical, the effect of emotions cannot be ruled out. Negative emotions like hatred, jealousy, anger all produce ill health. We may have observed that whenever we are angry there is that sinking feeling in the stomach and our blood pressure would have shot up. Continuously harboring feelings of hatred or anger will definitely deteriorate the healthy body and cause diseases in the long run. On the contrary positive thought patterns can help in healing. There are many cases wherein the doctor would have given up all hope but the patient would have survived against all odds due to his grit and determination.
That is why whenever we are angry, upset and disturbed it is better to divert the mind in to some activity like music, walking in nature or doing some physical work. Only when our emotions have settled down should we analyze and act in the right state of mind. It is very important to be peaceful because only a peaceful person radiates good vitality and health. Meditation and breathing exercises should be incorporated in our daily routine to remain calm and cool.

The secret to good health is in each one’s hand. Only when medicines work hand in hand with the body’s healing system can diseases be overcome. Thus by having a balanced diet, proper physical exercise and rest along with a positive attitude one can awaken the body’s innate healing ability. So here’s to good health.
Published: 2008-06-11
Author: usha kodancha

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I am a freelance writer with a technical background and a B.E degree.

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