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Self Redefined

self, man

Time and again, man has become a victim of circumstances which are sometimes within his control and most times not within his control in wits and action.

However, man struggles to defy the in adequacies that confronts his very existence. The machinations of his outlook breeds a ruthless enthusiasm to oust that feebleness in his immediate environment.

Men and women alike, find a source, a hole in the timber of life; wherein they can irk out some substance that could sustain their humanity. This has been the bedrock of their struggle. Man has come to learn a trade, he acquires a skill; which sometimes or better, most often is not within the confines of his educational qualification.

The innate ability to create something out of nothing; is usually an evident puzzle that men and women alike solve and replicate again and again. It is an enthusiastic undercut. The purpose is to dispell insignificance; unfulfillment and to prove that independence in work and thought is mosly appraised by all human spectators and the overall world audience.

We tend then, to search more deeply, the mine, in our innate self; that conforms to applaudable norms and general world outlook. We find the difference in us amidst the mase of abilities that we assume to be most applaudable.

Rejection often allows us to search for more deep seated apparel that suits us most appropraitely. We redefine ourselves in a new out look and this echoes thus;
- Waken at birth,
- We are not yet at our last breath,
- Timind as life turns,
- We burn our tales to make it tall,
- Though doubt makes our dreams dull,
- It is a smoke screen with a big dream,
- Now, we are still and still reaching out.
Published: 2007-07-13
Author: emonena onoriobe

About the author or the publisher
I am a poet, I am a master when it comes to paper work. I write mostly from experience. I love travelling.

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