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Self Redefined (Part 2)

self, man

The circumspect that surrounds the self breaks the bond that clothes his mind. It is a sad bitter experience yet it is gratifying to struggle through. The blind reality that confronts self is usually a disguise that points in one direction.

Difficult as it seems; we build a facade with twists and turns that blends with our outlook. The coffee in the morning is often our re-enactment of self-assurance in space. We renew our selves in thoughts; a mental stimulation that allows us to forge lines of fame and stardom. It is a gruesome task, yet we are undaunted.

We all like passengers in a bus with different traveling motives; we strive for different games; sometimes futile and vain but a motive all the same. The quietsomeness of us all in that bus does not negate our ruthless enthusiasm in this game of life.

It is a serious affair that is worth some consideration. The self sometimes pretends to be absent minded in certain aspects but it is a way of control in time and strength. It is a typical bargain that is ensued by us all.

The bright and shining side of the matter is that it all leads to the attainment of certain goals and mental gratification.

For one, man chooses to take a perspective that suits the very essence and quaint essence of his existence. He grabs that which swings along his path. He often does not agree with his immediate reality; hence he evolves as his environment.

For man, it is all about perspective in a changing and dynamic world. The more he sees, the more he fits in. He creates and sometimes realizes later that the errors and far reaching consequences of his act; whose potentiality he never thought of; good or bad.

The vast difference between then, now and tomorrow are enormous. Who can possibly calculate the exact escalating effects? Self-breeds the in conceivable in the simplest of act. His ingenuity submerges the inadequacies of the now.

Self in its actualization metamorphoses into a hybrid that never stops until he stops and another self starts. It is a linear cycle. It makes the world work. It is a mammoth, beautiful piece of art created by many selves. It does not in any way complicate our lives; rather it makes simple the difficult task of time passed.
Published: 2007-07-21
Author: emonena onoriobe

About the author or the publisher
I am a poet, I am a master when it comes to paper work. I write mostly from experience. I love travelling.

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