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Setting Limits For Children

Limits, guidelines ,safe growth, socially acceptable , responsible behaviour,growth and development, best choice

Limits are boundaries which we need to set for our children to act as guidelines for their healthy and safe growth and development.

Children need limits because -
* They are not mature enough to know the rights from the wrongs.

* It helps them to understand what is socially acceptable and what
is not.

* It helps them to be safe in an ever increasing dangerous world.

* It helps them from being physically hurt.

* It helps them to make difficult choices and without a guideline
they would not always be able to make the best choice.

*It makes a child responsible for his own behavior.

* It makes him feel more safe and secure.

* It will give structure to his growth and help in his overall


* He will have less chances of getting into trouble.

Most important, please remember that limits should be set with the child's age in mind and should be enforced consistently.

Published: 2006-07-25
Author: Kalpana Singh

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I love writing and have written many articles for my local magazines and newspapers.

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