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Shafts of light

spirit, self, God

Shafts of light
Sisiter Gargi, Shelley Brown

This is a compilation of Swami Ashokanand’s teachings, published by Kalpa tree Press,
New York.the swami headed the Vedanta Society of Northern California from 1932till his death in 1969.
Swami Ashokanand’s applauded traditional western values.” I want first-rate Americans, not fourth-rate Hindus” , he would thunder.
Sister Gargi herself passed away in 2004.A passage in “shafts of light” would best describe Sister Gargi, according to a contemporary.” There are those upon whose face God has written in his own hand “mine”. They are not of this world; they are His.”
Swami Ashokanand’s teachings covered the entire gamut of life and life after. He spoke from the heart and in direct terms. Sample this.” Humiliation is the best way to get rid of this “I”.
We have been creatures of time because we have forgotten eternity.
Make a bundle of the past and drop it.
The wonderful thing about spiritual gain is that no power on earth can take it from you.
We have become involved in the derivatives. We have not gone to the sorce of things.
There is only one church to build: your own being.
In climbing mountains, going down is also going forward. This we forget.
When a person loves God, a wonderful garden blooms in the heart.
Nothing prevents you at any time from realizing the highest, which you really are.
If you can look at something and not covet it, you have become spiritual. The knower of God alone has the power to help others. The ignorant are themselves helpless.
The sign of strength is restraint.
The deeper one goes, the more cheerful one becomes.
The heart is, closer to us than reason. How can dead thought and dead intellect grasp the living God? The great ones do not do anything but this; they recognize the divinity in you and that divinity responds and comes out. Light responds to light.

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Published: 2007-12-19
Author: Sister Gargi,shelley Brown

About the author or the publisher
am well versed in all things that matter, and keep myself updated. knowledge, I feel, is a burden and need to be shared. Thisis the minimum duty of a human being.

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