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Sheesha smokers!

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Every sheesha smoker has the wild fantacy in his mind that one day even he will be able to make circles out of smoke.The technique of making circles of smoke from your mouth is an art in itself which is mastered by very few people.These are some of the tips to learn making circles out of smoke;-

1. When you take smoke inside your mouth dont just keep the smoke in your mouth. Suck it till your throat.
2. Dont take the smoke inside your lungs. Keep the smoke in your throat only in your air tube.
3. Now blow one shot of air out of your throat which will allow some smoke to go out of yuur throat.This shot should be of very little time .It should be like releasing a very small amount of air from yr throat in just a click second time.
4. Once you blow this shot of smoke from your throat ,slowly and slowly blow the air outside which will take the smoke also out of your mouth.Dont do it very fast.It should be very smooth blow.
5. While you blow the smoke slowly outside, move your throat bone (which is pointed out in the middle of your throat) in and out like you do when you drink water or swallow your own saliva or when you swallow something which melts automatically in your mouth.
6. You can also try this without smoke.Close your mouth and swallow your own saliva and notice the movement of the throat bone which is pointed.You have to make the same movement while you blow the smoke out of your throat slowly.
7. Remember that you have to release the air from your throat ad not from your mouth area.
8. While you release the smoke from your throat you should keep your mouth open in an oval shape.

These are some of the basics techniques which will help you learn to make circles out of smoke!!!!!

Published: 2008-12-21
Author: piyush pande

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i have completed my engineering and now i am in search of some part time job to do i found this site and decided to join it.i am also doing a job at ibm in pune india.i also have a very good writing skills and would love to utilise it here for arning money.

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