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Should Election Day be a National Holiday?

Holiday, National, Election day, liberties, liberty, voter participation, President, presidential election

Voter turnout, over the last half century has ranged from a high of around 60% for presidential election years to a low in non presidential election years of approximately 36%. Neither number speaks very strongly or very proudly for a constitutional democracy such as the United States.

How, in the face of limited, to nonexistent liberties in most of the rest of the world, can we as citizens of the largest, one of the world's oldest, democracies face the rest of that world, brandishing our freedoms as an example of "rule by the populous"? How can most elections in the United States come and go with less than 40% participation of its constituents, the very people that comprise the eligible voting population? Land of the free? What is freedom if not exercised? Where is the value of self determination if no one chooses to participate?

Should Election Day be a national holiday? Most certainly, it should.

We have holidays celebrating groundhogs, rabbits, witches and fat, round, red faced men and their reindeer. Why not take away the last possible excuse (read apathetic irresponsibility), that we all have used at one time or another to explain our inability to perform the simplest of actions that may have a lasting effect on our city, state or nation? Could it be as simple as an apathetic population? Alternatively, could the reason be, and this is the scariest possibility yet, that most of us are just too stupid or lazy to vote?

Let us indeed create a holiday for our elective process. After all, if we make it out to the polls early enough, we still might be able to get in a round or two of golf, or bowling, the beach or just hitting our favorite bar and getting looped. Naturally we would use all of our powers of judgment and good sense to make certain that our ballots are cast before the shots and beers, wouldn't we?

So, where did this apathy come from? Why since the latter part of the 20th century, has America subjugated one of the most powerful of all our rights to the minority? Further, when we shall awaken and take back the power that each American possesses?
Published: 2008-05-03
Author: Gary Hammontree

About the author or the publisher
I include this because I feel that I have been given a mission. Having been forced to withdraw from school thirty – five years ago following a near fatal auto accident, I soon became caught up in life. Married, a child soon after; this quickly became my life. The following period was the greatest blessing I could have received. I was allowed 35 years to soak up life at different levels to regurgitate for my readers.

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