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Should the federal government set a national age for sexual consent for teens?

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The obvious answer to this question is a resounding no. Having said that, what is the answer?

Aside from being an impossible law to enforce in most instances, we do not need another part of our lives controlled by an aloof, out of touch agency, given the efficiency and effectiveness that the government has exhibited in attempting to mandate other areas of our lives. Moral policing of its citizens has never been a strong point of the government’s, witness prohibition, the “war on drugs” and other follies of the past.

The factor that is missing in most young people’s lives today in the U.S. is not a matter of age of consent as much as it is a total lack of moral instruction from the parents. As a teacher, I see on a daily basis, children that have grown up seemingly without any parental supervision at all.

Their role models are gangster rappers and drug dealers, none of which is suitable role models for young, impressionable children. From the earliest ages, these children are taught to despise authority, admire the lowest common denominator of our culture and to rebel against authority. It is the television and media generation gone to hell. However, the media is not completely to blame. In many homes today in America, there is little if any parenting taking place. In too many cases, daddy is in the garage cooking up crystal meth or smoking it, mommy is in the kitchen, her 40 to 100 pound overweight body covered by a skimpy, spandex leotard, smoking a cigarette, feet propped up, reading a trash novel.

There is almost no interaction with, no supervision of any kind, of the children occurring. In many homes, children grow up from the earliest ages as latch key kids, even with both parents at home. It is no wonder that students today are unable to read or write at the appropriate grade level. How many parents today actually know what goes on with their children at school? Few.

An entire generation of parents have grown up perfectly satisfied with depending on the school to parent their children, and then incensed, outraged, when their little darlings are sent home from class or bring home a report card containing none of the first three letters of the alphabet.

Rather than mandating a federal age of consent, why can’t the federal government mandate what and whom our children are exposed to on a daily basis in our media? But, wait. It is not the government’s job to rear and, insure that our children are educated. We have a whole generation of students that will leave school totally unprepared for living in the world of today. Until children can be taught at home to love learning, to want to excel, there can be no progress. The educators cannot do this alone, not when they got to school everyday and are confronted by two thirds of a school population that refuses to accept the value that exists in attending school in the first place and, the necessity of knowing life beyond rap and gangsters. They need different role models, more parental involvement and the school needs a greater freedom in how they may educate and discipline their student population.

This will take at least a generation to change. It took a generation and a half to screw it up. However, if we do not get a handle on it now, our way of life, and our culture is truly short lived. We will not be the first nation, populous, or culture to disappear due to a cultural apathy. Remember Rome? The strongest, most powerful civilization on the planet at the time was completely eradicated by a horde of Mongols, barbarians.
Published: 2008-05-03
Author: Gary Hammontree

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I include this because I feel that I have been given a mission. Having been forced to withdraw from school thirty – five years ago following a near fatal auto accident, I soon became caught up in life. Married, a child soon after; this quickly became my life. The following period was the greatest blessing I could have received. I was allowed 35 years to soak up life at different levels to regurgitate for my readers.

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