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Simple Home Remedies To Get Over Depression

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Depression is very common in human beings. We all go through depression at some point of time in our life. It is a normal reaction in certain circumstances like a loss of a loved one, loss of job, certain hardships in life etc. People generally get over these feelings eventually and get on with life.

But when such feelings last for days, weeks or months interfering with one’s daily activities it calls for action to get over it.
There are certain things you could do to help yourself at home before you label yourself as a victim of depression. You could follow these simple, natural and herbal treatments that could help deal with your depressed state of mind.

• Try massaging your body and/or your hair with nice, warm oil. Steam your hair with the oil on for about an hour or two. Use a natural shampoo. This normally gives a great feeling of relief after a good shower.
• Rosemary also known as compass weed, polar plant or compass plant is great for depression. Take 8-10 rosemary leaves and boil them in a cup of water. Add 1 teaspoon of honey to this water. Wait for a couple of hours and strain and drink. This is known to resolve depression soon.
• Aromatherapy greatly helps your body and mind to relax and bring you back to yourself. Herbal oils such as jasmine, rose or lime are known to relax your mind and body. Total relaxation helps to tide over depression in no time.
• Some people resort to ice cream, potato chips or other fatty foods to get over depression. You could instead use oatmeal with nuts and fruits which is healthy and at the same would help you in getting over depression.
• Mild exercise such as walking in fresh air is good for relaxation.
• Deep breathing exercises such as yoga tends to relax your mind and body in a healthy way.
• While many people turn tobacco and caffeine in cigarettes and coffee or tea it is best to stay from these substances.
• Seeds, soy proteins, sprouts are known natural foods that are effective in curing depression.
• Time spent or tranquility or quietly looking at natural scenery such as sunsets, moonlight, waves, etc. tends to calm your mind.
• A good sleep greatly helps.
• Take 2 cardamoms and pound them to make a powder. Add these to a cup of boiling water and add sugar to taste. Try it twice a day for a couple of days. You might feel a definite difference.
• Solitude and prayer helps a lot in soothing your troubled mind during mental disturbances in life.

Anything that helps you to relax your mind and body would work well to get over your depression. These are just a few of simple home remedies that are known to help during depression.
Published: 2009-08-05
Author: girija shanker

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