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Six Habits to Riches and Fame

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I sometimes wonder why majority of mankind are poor. They do not have the money to buy what they desire, spend on luxury, take vacation to any part of the world they wish, and have that freedom to do what they like. I imagine too if it is not possible for everybody to be super rich. After a long-drawn out thinking, I came to the conclusion that it is achievable for everybody to be rich! And I believe too that if everybody is rich, someone down there in person of a genius and inventor will invent all kinds of robots to do all sorts of our dirty jobs since nobody will be ready to be subservient to anybody. Think of an El-Dorado! But most of us forget that great financial achievement is actually an accumulation of many small efforts and sacrifices that most people never appreciate.

To be rich in record time, just practice these “Six Habits to Riches and Fame” and I guarantee you are on your way to financial freedom and opulence. I was once in a position of ‘want and lack’ until through divine guidance and self resolution I decided to practice to the letter the below habits for financial emancipation. I personally ruminated over, for months, the easiest ways to come out of want and lack because I came to acknowledge the fact that “no one will tell you from one straight talk the money tree that spurn out money for him or her.”

Habit One:Read quality books and research

Oftentimes ideas are buried in quality books we read. Search, research and read quality books and in no time your subconscious mind will dream, act and come up with rich idea (s) that will change your life and take you to your desired wealth and fame. Finding out information yourself is the shortest cut to wealth and fame. Be omnivorous and voracious in reading quality books and magazines. It could be motivational, financial or entrepreneurial books.

Habit Two:Choose your mentors wisely
People who have traveled down the road to success and wealth certainly have a better story to share. Partner with them as protégés. Learn the ropes and you are on your way to the top. Belong to their clubs which they usually form for an annual subscription. It is certainly an investment in the long run. You cannot fail if you emulate the principles and go-getting attitudes of your mentors.

Habit Three:Spend below your means
It is easy to spend than to get. Spend wisely and judiciously. Frugality is not stinginess. It is all about having value for every dollar you spend. Every dollar you spend wisely you are creating and adding value to your life. Remember only wealthy people have many admirers, poor people have none. So practice self-discipline by curtailing all wasteful and unnecessary spending. I leave you with this statement from Rain Koslow, “The very first step in building wealth is to spend less than what you earn.”

Habit Four:Save as much as you can
If you save under your pillows, chances are that you will get “fossil money” when you want to “withdraw.” If you save with a drunkard you are sure to receive drunkard’s pay check. My advice is that you should “save where it is safe.” I cannot overemphasize the importance of saving for the raining day. You must not eat your seed capital, instead save and invest it.

Habit Five:Be investment conscious
I have found out that investments compound over time. If you are not investing you are invariably depleting your net worth. Money is never sufficient to execute all human aspirations at a go. What we do is make sacrifices and denials today in order to secure a comfortable tomorrow. Work and invest while you are still strong, vibrant, and full of verve and zest. Acquire assets that will put money in your pocket and not liabilities that will take money out of your purse.

Habit Six:Your associations and friends must be progressive
“Tell me your friends and I will tell you who you are” is an old true saying. Have you noticed families of doctors, musicians, scientists and so on? I have seen from father to son, from son to grandchild, from grandchild to great grandchild choosing the same profession. That is the power of association. Get on the bandwagon of successful entrepreneurs and sooner than later you will be a successful entrepreneur too. You cannot be dining with a king and expect a miserly meal. In my home country I joined a club where entrepreneurship is the plank of the club’s formation by the founder/president. In short our motto is, “Power to be Your Best.” All the thought provoking seminars, lectures and workshops I have attended there were enough energizer to get me smooth sailing. That is the power of progressive association.

Practice the above habits religiously as rule of the thumb and you will become a millionaire every other person will envy.

You will excel!
Published: 2007-05-03
Author: Oseremen Aigbokhae

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I am a Multi-Disciplinary Business Consultant and Writer. I have a degree in Accounting with an upward of twelve (12) years working experience. My email:

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