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Skid Loader

Industrial Vehicles

What is a Skid loader?

A skid loader is an Industrial vehicle which is made up of strong metal frame installed with an engine and powered by fuel like diesel. It is a vehicle which has four tires and a skidder or a carrier in front. This carrier helps to load and reload materials. A skid loader is also well known as the Skid- Steer loader. The importance of this vehicle is to reduce hard and tedious jobs and be a substitute for man power. The wheels of this vehicle are independent to move around its own circumference.

These loaders are capable of no-radius turning. This special feature of the skid loader makes the vehicle very valuable for any applications that need a compressed loader. The left arm in the skid steer loader is along the side of the driver including the pivot points which is behind his shoulders. Earlier, the other vehicle drivers were not safe while operating. Present days skid loader are safer because of its cabin design which is well enclosed so the driver does not fall off. This is called the Falling Object Protective Structure which protects the driver from accidents of all kind.

The basic job of such loaders is to pick up materials on its front bucket and reload it on to another carrier or elsewhere. These loaders are usually used by municipal to remove chunks of garbage from the street and reload them into garbage trucks for disposal. It’s also used in barns and farms to handle manure. Factories and other workshops make good use of this vehicle. This vehicle has very well substituted man power and has made work faster then it was done with only labour strength.

The first skid loader was manufactured in the year 1957 by the keller brothers. The vehicle was used to help a farmer to clean up his barn. Some of the present day companies that manufacture skid loaders are John Deere, Mustang, New Holland, Caterpillar Inc, etc.
Published: 2009-02-16
Author: Mark

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