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Sleuth on Screen

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In the middle of 18 century, when streets and alleys of England shook with fear by one name “Jack the Ripper”, it was then Scotland Yard took the initiative to investigate on this case. Another such agency was the FBI that got hold of Al Capone a United States gangster who terrorized Chicago during prohibition until he was arrested for tax evasion.

Sleuths played an important role in the past when it came in dealing with people who really violated the streets. The modern day’s sleuths are equipped with sophisticated devices which makes them easier to deal with different varieties of crime.

Hollywood has been highly acclaimed to make such movies or TV shows that has bought sleuths in spotlight. We have been seeing myriads of such movies and shows that telecast a chase between a detective and a suspect. “ScarFace” a famous movie that was made on the famous Chicago gangster Al Capone, there was another hit movie by the name “In Hell” which featured the wroth of “Jack the Ripper”.

Shylock Holmes a fictionist character that was sketched by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was soon made into picture and became a blockbuster character around the world. There was a fine mixture of fiction and reality in the novel. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle bought “Jack the Ripper” into his novel which is chased by a fictionist character Shylock Holmes.

In his novel Shylock Holmes is able to find the existence of Jack the Ripper and brings him in the limelight. The novel was converted into a Hollywood movie where people come to know about Jack the Ripper, but speaking reality we do not know who Jack the Ripper was.

The craze of Shylock Holmes really bought people to believe that he really existed. Shylock Holmes was associated with Scotland Yard and made a remarkable achievement in both books and movies. He was a fictionist sleuth who not only dealt with Jack the Ripper but also dealt with other crimes.

This was taken much further when Ian Fleming’s novel Dr. No hit the theaters. People saw a new detective that fought various crimes by using gadgets and hi-tech cars. But the first novel Casino Royale went under production and was released as the biggest hit in the year 2006. This broke all the box office records of its predecessors which was soon followed by its sequel Quantum of Solace which was released 2008.

James bond became a legend after its release in the year 1962 and became a new way of fighting detective that took over the box office charts. Another sleuth movie based on the famous serial killer “Zodiac” was aired in the year 2007. This movie gave a bold picture between the detectives and the killer.

Zodiac was based on true incident under the same name that haunted America in the middle of 70s. Hollywood can really thrill people by giving the best sleuth and criminal’s relationship, but sometimes the movie ends up with curiosity about the existence of the culprit.

At the end of the movie it is always a win of good over evil. Movies have been the best source of entertainment giving us the best detective movies. Maybe these movies are based on reality or on famous novels or maybe the sleuth have sophisticated gadgets to fight a crime scene. It is always the sleuth who gains victory and emerges has the people’s choice. For further information on entertainment log on to
Published: 2009-11-12
Author: Benjamin Lawrance

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