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SMS for commonman


SMS for commonman

My old Granny often used to ask my college going kid brother “What are you doing with the Phone for hours, not talking with anybody!”. “Nothing, just sending a sms”my brother answers.Granny does not enquires further knowing about her ignorance.For the people like her, I have decided to write very basics of SMS.

The "Short Message Service"(SMS) is a feature available in most modern digital phones, that lets users receive and send short text messages (from 150 to 160 characters) to other cell phones, usually limited to phones activated on the same network.It is available on digital GSM networks allowing text messages of up to 160 characters to be sent and received via the network operator's message center to your mobile phone, or from the Internet, using a so-called "SMS gateway" website. If the phone is powered off or out of range, messages are stored in the network and are delivered at the next opportunity. This service enables users to send short messages to other users. A very popular service, particularly among young people, with 400 billion SMS messages sent worldwide in 2002. A store and forward message service available on most second-generation digital systems that allows
short messages (up to 140 octets) to be sent to the mobile and displayed on a small screen. Because of this ,one can communicate very easily spending less money and time,for which it is so popular.

In order to send and receive SMS text messages, phone users usually have to pay a monthly fee to their service provider or a small fee for each text message. Some companies even offer SMS free of charge. Text Messages can also be sent from a cellular service provider's web page or by visiting some web sites that offer to send text messages free of charge.

On Nokia phones, users can receive new ringing tones or replacement background logos in an SMS text message after placing an order on a specialized web site.

I think you people have got atleast some idea about SMS, so before summing up , I must wish “Happy smssing”.

Published: 2006-07-25
Author: kasturi mishra

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