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So you want to have Lassie - guide to the rough collie

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So you want to have Lassie – guide to the rough collie

We all know the beautiful story of a rough collie named Lassie, that traveled across Scotland to come back to its family. In fact, almost all pedigree rough collie breeders and owners probably have Lassie in their family. Collies are very devoted to and protective of their owners, have great stamina and can easily travel about 30 miles per day. Rough collies have also amazing memory and sense of direction. When we know about all these facts there is no wonder that Lassie, as a typical rough collie, was able to survive her trip and finally unite with her beloved owner. The rough collie are probably the best dogs when we search for our child companion, they are very tolerant to children behavior and their long and soft coat usually becomes the preferred pillow for the younger members of our family. The rough collie gets well with other animals, even birds or rodents. Many rough collies love cats and, what is even more amazing, many cats aren't afraid of this breed. Still, we should remember that the rough collie is not only a family dog. Originally, the rough collie was a typical shepherd dog, but soon it became obvious that collies performed well as rescue dogs, guide dogs and guard dogs. There are also rough collies working as police dogs as well as in various “dogotherapy” programs.

The rough collie puppy must be trained gently or she will not cooperate. Collies tend to have only one master in the family, whom they choose by themselves, and such person will have their utmost loyalty and love. Rough collies don't learn as quickly as other working breeds, like German shepherds, but they tend to remember the command once they finally learn them. When trained by their master, a good word or stroking is a sufficient reward for completing even the most complicated task. After a few years, the rough collie is able to do what her owner wants even before any command is actually given. The rough collie is perfect at reading the body language.

Centuries of working as herd dogs caused rough collies to be stubborn and independent at times. This is why rough collies will not listen blindly to orders and tend to act at their own in extreme situations, especially when life of one of their family member's is endangered.

Rough collies are very sensitive dogs, they can easily guess the mood of their masters and will do everything to make them happy. Rough collies can be great companions for people who suffer from depression, because of their patience and devotion. Still, we should remember that almost every rough collie also react very strong to any kinds of punishment and may even run away when she thinks she did something wrong. Fortunately, it is very hard to spoil the rough collie as they, even males, have no inclination to dominate.

Still, because of popularity of this noble breed and many not certified breeding there is always possibility that we will buy a rough collie puppy which will have complately different character. This is why our first rough collie should be a pedigree dog, otherwise we may get a dog which will look as Lassie, but act as the Baskerville's dog.
Published: 2006-06-27
Author: Bartosz Chmielewski

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