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Social co-relation.

society uplifting,dilemma, non-state actors,clash within civilization.

Social co-relation absence is a dilemma that has disturbed the roots of society order. It has crippling effect. Society largess is equal to power of a blind man who is incapable to see colors of beautiful life. Social co-relation means the binding force of keeping whole society intact like covalent bond that keeps atoms in binding form.

Social uplifting and availability of resources to weed out tribulations creating materials and substances, is the moral duty and slogan of every govt. that is ultimate and top most priority of every regime period to cleanse against calamities and contaminated growths. How much govt. is successful becomes the question afterwards? First of all, the rudimentary elements of that slogan are to be connected with pledge, under oath integrity.

Perception always roams among laymen and intellectuals as well that regimen could not perform well due to its self-centered aims. If it is to say, every govt. has its particular aims according to its settled policies. But the main point of objection is, has there anybody without shortcomings. What is to be done is to highlighted good policies and avoid committing preceding mistakes. This attitude will bring harmony and co-relation among people.

Society is always connected whether it will be co-operative or not. Don’t develop or exercise excessive clashes within civilization but flourish amicable trends within cultural base. Clash of civilization theory has formulized perception about behavior and treatment of the world. This justifies with instances that there could be clash at greater level like world war by formation of blocs of proposed and non-proposed nations. These blocs will not bide for pacification of squabbles and bickering cases rather will exaggerate all. So, every layman can foresee consequences. It is sans non-rational approach and above wisdom but a keen source of attention and a caution to mend your ways otherwise welcomes dreadful dreadnoughts. Clashes and battlefields development between countries provide clear cut evidence about idea deliverance of theoretical work. Conflicting nations between Pak-India, Israel-Palestine, mainly and non-state actors are above all in performing horrible deeds and savagery. It is conflict of ideology.

First of all concept of ideology is confusing. Ideology is a set of belief and those principles which a nation or people as group accepts and selects as objectives for which they will surely do all even at the cost of death.

It is the ideology of non-state actors to formulate their principle charter and activate it at any cost because they consider it justified. The greatest victimized and exploited belief is belief of Islam. They exploit Islam as a religion of extremism and a problem at the tip of the sword. Who so will be a real follower of this holy religion can never adapt wrong policies but tolerance is the base and foundation within the frame work.

One question is for those who allege Muslims as problem creator, if they have judged ways and means of those who act as fundamentalist and extremist either they are on guard of religion or acting as superficial follower. Just to get know-how and superficial knowledge of a religion can not justify the standard of follower or a preacher. So, it is the virtual explanation of an extremist or a fundamentalist. These are discussed in full length because of main problem creator of clash within civilization and are originators of war like environment. Atmosphere is polluted due to intensive mixing and amalgamation of pollutants and contaminated materials.

If atmosphere is going to be polluted then how can it be possible to develop amicable level of relationship in society? How can two swords be placed in a belt?

Social co-relation is not an effort of an Adam’s child but whole Adam’s generation can rehearse and enumerate its order of practice. Social co-operation and balance can make fool’s paradise a paradise to be live in by the wise. Crippling effect will be eliminated by society courage and inspiring supportive work.
Published: 2009-02-14
Author: Nida. Saeed.

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