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Some Great Ideas for a country style Home decor

Great Ideas, Country Style Home Decor

Some great ideas for a Country Style Home Décor

The beauty of a country style décor is one which does not require perfect co-ordination. It is informally designed décor which has a practical edge along with simplicity as its guiding principle. It is as cosy as slipping into an old robe.

One of the reasons why the country look has been endured is because it is about comfort and holding onto a cherished past. You can surround yourself with timeworn yet beloved objects like a slightly chipped heirloom vase or crackly photographs of your parents and grandparents clustered on a shelf.

A country home is crammed with collections ranging from folk art, groups of candlesticks and wooden photo frames, bunches of dried flowers. Even the characteristic country kitchen is filled with all manner of appetizing abundance.

If you have a love of old, slightly battered wooden furniture, it is easy to work them into a country theme. Ideally, do not disguise the age of any element. Play it up. Leave the old brass drawer pulls intact, and also leave flaky paint untouched.

The country home uses the materials that are readily found in the environment like wood, brick, stone and clay. Popular fabrics are cotton and linen. These natural materials impart a feeling of warmth and harmonize well with aged furniture.

In a country style home, the colours are kept matt. A slight gloss is fine but hard, reflective shine is definitely out. So you will find galvanized metal utensils instead of gleaming ones, terracotta tiles instead of polished marble.

The earth tones of browns, beiges and greens feature prominently in the colour scheme. But country homes also make use of colours that are fresh and limpid, like a clear sky blue or salmon pink. Bright primary tones like red are used occasionally and sparingly as accents on accessories such as rug. Colours do not need to be in the same family as country décor is never overly contrived.

If you have textured walls like unfinished brick and rough plaster, leave them untouched. They provide an interesting backdrop for old-fashioned furniture. If you have smooth walls, you can still create a texture by means of colour-washing, sponging or rag-rolling techniques, where paint is applied on plain walls to create a splotchy effect.
Published: 2006-06-21
Author: ConciseGem

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