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Some guides to dissect The Truth

The Truth

Nowadays, the views on the truth aren’t simple, but more complex and knotty. This complex views, of course, confuse us. Individually, man loses the elemental frameworks of self and life comprehension. Much of us experience solicitude without direction, acerbity without premonition, the wonder without reason. Socially, there are paradox tensions what are crashed each other. There are hysteria, nihilism, neotribalism, consumerism, fanatism, etc.

Our views on the truth are affected by that situation. Because that situation, our views on the truth, generally, became banal or superficial. There are some banal/superficial views on the truth that must be redefined.

  • the principle of correspondence: the truth is the compatibility between subject’s idea and the facts from the object domain, between the theorem and the facts.

  • the principle of coherence: the truth is the logical intercourse between a declaration or statement with the others. There is no contradiction between some statements.

  • the principle of pragmatic: the truth is the utility of something. there is no matter if it has no compatibility or has contradiction. Every concepts is the truth if they have utility in praxis.

  • the principle of performance: the truth depends on someone’s sugestion to influence others. Here, the substance of the truth is relative.

  • the principle of revelation: the truth is the apocalypse from The Higher Otority.

  • the principle of disclosure: the truth is everything that enlightens someone’s opinion/thought/view on something that isn’t known before.
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  • the principle of existence: the truth is everyting that has value and meaningful in personally praxis life.

  • All principles above are meaningful if man faces the stable situation, live in routine practice. So, that principles are less relevant in our nowadays complex culture. We have to re-define principles on the truth above according this new culture because “the truth itself” have changing. Here some attitude for this new situation:

  • relatively historic: the concept on the truth must be up to date.

  • relatively perspective: the truth depends on every localities: culture, clan, community, or individu.

  • relatively: the truth is the instance of interpretation. There is no pure/authentic objectivity. Our world is the interpretative world.

  • relational perspective: everything is process, and the process is the relation. So, seeing something as substance is unrelevant. Everything is in becoming process, so the truth must be seen in relational view, “in between”.

  • Published: 2007-03-03
    Author: agustinus hartono

    About the author or the publisher
    Male, not married, fresh graduated in philosophy.I'm very interested in writing articles or books about philosophy or politic. On march of 2007, I publish my first book tittled "Skizoanalisis:Sebuah Genealogi Hasrat".In this book,i claim that the history based on ratio had produced an unconsciousness abnormality.Therefore,I invite you to live your life based on your desire to live the real life.nowadays,all of us can say that it's a new era of


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