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Songs of Equality

Darkness, Togetherness,, Belongingness, Nothingness, Bonhomie, Glory, Fraternity

Everything is light beyond darkness
Sights and sounds come alive in beautiful flights
Nothing and nobody remain prisoned in this vast expanse
Beautiful things are equally distributed in all somgs and verses
All things are equal in this world.
We are all born out of the soil and water
We are all born equally well to gather dreams
Our dreams are all equally well to foster faith and togetherness
Togetherness in our dreams is to build belongingneess to everything
All dwelling in close proximity, all is equally all to one another
Nature brings all those glory for one and all
Everyone and everything are equally situated and equally destined
Equal voice say the prayers of good and bonhomie
But never they do sing the same song.

One day all will be in ruins
One day all will be floating in wavy silence
What if the world is submerged in violence of nothingness
All will be equally destined for the doom's day
Everybody will be facing the equal consequence, everything will be nothing
What if nobody and nothing remains the same as ever
Even then equal voice will sing the same obituary
If nothing cheers the glory in perseverance
The sense of good and bonhomie will remain for ever.

Let us sing the songs of equality
Equal voices will melt into millions of voices
Let us hold aloft the sun of humanity
It will rise rise equally rhythmically one day after another
Let us hoist the flag of freedom high upon our eternal pleasure
We will all sing the songs of brotherhood and fraternity.
Ye, brethren, let us walk hands in hands
We will overcome the darkness, victory will be the light of our lives.

Published: 2007-11-16
Author: Kamaru zzaman

About the author or the publisher
I am small time writer and poet...

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