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Speed Dating for Pre-occupied Gen Y

Speed dating, online, romance, dating, singles

Fast track hip-hop generation loves to live in virtual reality. Shopping online, e-bookings and now even cupid online… Yupp! Speed dating has taken bachelors and spinsters ablaze.

Today’s young techies stuck with paucity of time prefer meeting eligible singles online. So, even if they appear to be too busy for bird watching, don’t think they are missing on romance. Who knows, while surfing they might be fixing a date online without wasting any time to confess the heart felt feelings.

It’s the latest fad to catch on offering an exciting and quick opportunity to meet singles in a non-pressured way. All it needs is sign in your details at one of the online speed dating sites. And, they will fix it all for you. Three minutes is all that it takes to discover someone not your type or a sweet heart.”The whole concept of going for pre-dates in a cool ambience seems exciting. Who knows you may land meeting your Miss Right,” chortles Rahul Arora, a city-based college student, who met his love interest Ria via speed dating.

He adds, “Three minutes to meet one person, ten people in 30 minutes, twenty if you do it twice a week and forty in a month. That is a lot of ‘new’ people to meet for any single person! Especially if you are checking out each of these 40 people you meet as the prospective love of your life, or for ‘friendship,” this statistics student adds. For every romantic meet, participants are asked to pen each experience. Within 48 hours the organizers let participants know which matches have been made, and give exchange contacts. Incase you don't meet someone special in the first time around, don’t be disheartened. the organiser has number of events lined up. Better luck next time!

Just substantiate your intuitive hunch. Sneha Sharma, a call centre employee quips, “Even in day-to-day life crushes we go by instinct. The same can be applied here.

On the D-day, after a few minutes interaction, if you hear lub-dud sound, stay on… Or else to move on to the next date.”
Published: 2006-08-25
Author: Bhupinder Kohli

About the author or the publisher
•As feature writer with ‘The Times of India,’ handling special feature pages on property, personal finance and travel.
•Headed the team of ‘Times Newspaper In Education,’ the school edition of The Times of India, Chandigarh(2003-04).
•Worked as the editor-in-chief of ‘Page Three People’, a magazine focusing on socialites in Chandigarh.(2004-05).
•Freelancer with ‘Life Colours’ magazine and ‘’(2003)

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