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Spiritual Stretching

mind peace meditation kolkata

What can make you feel confident without being stressed out at the same time? Those who practice meditation or follow any school of spirituality can answer such queries.

Performance booster:

Meditation brings inner peace and helps to have a disciplined routine. “Initially youngsters feel uninterested, however, after regular practice they realise that it is helping them with studies, along with an increased memory and poise,” says Yoga therapist, Bhavana Ganatra. Through specific ‘Breathing’ exercises like Pranayam, Yogasanas along with Meditation coupled with lively games and processes, educative talks, children learn practical tools to deal with stresses of modern life, human values, overcome shyness and nervousness.


Training one’s mind at a very tender age is very essential. “All teens and pre-teens struggle with the pressures of growing up, hormonal changes and peer pressure, while trying to make sense of their own identity,” says Dr Hridaynath Mallick, a Kolkata based psychiatrist. The tension evoked by highly competitive exams and the pressures of making good grades, the creativity and originality of the youth tend to get destroyed. “Human values come out in a shift of attitude from 'what about me' to 'what can I do for you?’ the change in attitude brings a change in the performance level of the students,” says Sangeeta Palliwal, city-based Art Excel and Yes teacher.


Spirituality and Meditation have advantages on physical levels only however, on mental levels also. “After the course, children experience an apparent growth in all the spheres- Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual,” adds Sangeeta. The ‘spiritual stretch’ increases immune system of the body.

Healthy thoughts: healthy life

The right way of breathing activates blood cells. “Adolescence calls for skin, physical and mental changes. This kind of healthy living reduces the occurrence of acne and helps a teenager to have a healthier skin than others who don’t practice yoga or meditation of any sort. Mental tranquility shows a healthy skin,” says city based skin specialist, Dr Ashok Ganguly.

Supporting system:

The interactive sessions help the youngsters to grow as individuals. Thus, such practices make a different individual altogether. “Spiritual writing is in vogue, as is seen in Life magazine, “says, Misal Mehta, an IIT student and an avid reader of the magazine.

Learn and Teach:

It is essential to empower students with holistic education that develops and strengthens the personality, to be well equipped to overcome the challenges of life with a smiling face.
Disha Doshi
Published: 2009-02-10
Author: disha doshi

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I am student of journalism and mass communication.I love reading books and now even intend to write.This is a platform where I can interact with all the readers.

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