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Spirituality and fitness


1. It is said that most of the lessons of life and spirituality come from life itself. With my habit of finding metaphors to spiritualism through simple things in life, it has made me believe over the years that the fact stated above is in fact..TRUE.

2 Being a fitness freak(my body may not depict so), I keep working out regularly.. however with passage of time and my transformation to a married man from bachelor brought down the frequency as well as the intensity of work outs. However I always thought that I had blessed body which came in shape with least of the efforts. But on the contrary, I was finding difficult to maintain the same as the time went through. So I started looking for answers and the following facts were revealed:
(a) The metabolism of the body goes down after the age of 25 and there after keeps going down by 5 % every year
(b) That means what I eat takes longer to digest and converts into fat at a faster rate
(c) Further, the exercise has to be increased vis-à-vis less benefits.
3. It is during this that I realized how the same holds good for spirituality too. If we draw a parallel to this, the following facts come out:
(a) The amount of time we spend to pray will have to increase as the age increases
(b) This is due to the fact that karma increases with age(both good and bad)
(c) However, the main fact is that little bit of prayer cannot take care of the karma done all day long
(d) In other words, it’s the karma which is the constant thing which can take care of the prayers we offer.
(e) If we do ill, speak ill and think ill all day …..there is no point praying for a while . It would amount to running on a treadmill for an hour however eating food with lots of calories all day. This can only lead to obesity , irrespective of the one hour of treadmill.
4. The above also makes me wonder if that is the reason why many say that god is omni present. Because, if God is omnipresent then we actually need not pray for an hour or at all…. All the good things being done as a good human being keeping in mind the interest of others, would surely take to the spirituality path towards God. End of the day.. its like doing things on behalf of GOD…Isnt it???????

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Why cleanliness is godliness…
Published: 2009-11-28
Author: Vijay Nair

About the author or the publisher
I am a free lance writer who likes to pen down thougts from seeing the world around and trying to make sense out of simple things in life,

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