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My doctorine of popularity through work is unadultered by the synthesis of friends around me. They speak kind language but my reasoning makes it difficult for me to adhere to these kind gift of words. You and I are different sets of time ...okay i accept you and me are like two wall clocks manufactured at the same company but installed in different time zones. And I figured it out but you still looking around to find the missing link to the variation in our conversation.

Find the zonal approach to situations and results are bound to appear in its full authenticity. Anyway if you want to figure your time zone you will have to give up the ignorance called hatred and the poison known as jelousy. These poisons betray us only in the dark end but will smile and laugh with every weight that we throw around. To get across this time lock one has to be honest to oneself. Honest means true to the sentient beings around who are also time bound exactly like you. Here we share our fears and worries and together row the raft across the sea of life.

Sharing means caring for the fortunate beings around us who are unaware of this time lock and who wouldn't understand the deapth of isolation within the words. The sun will not alter its course even if you want it to. Show the beauty of the moon and all women will be jelous. so we arrive at the concluding parameter that the sun and moon appear to be singular parts of the univesal language but in reality there is a sun and a moon in every time lock. ciao
Published: 2008-10-04
Author: manoj unnithan

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I am a writer who has been in the field of journalism for about 10 years. I write profiles, features and essays. I am interested in free lance writing and will take up the opportunity. My topics range from people, culture, politics, sociology, theology, philosophy, book reviews and essays on current topics.

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