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Sponsorship in sports

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Sponsorship is one of the ways to build your brand through sports as millions of people are attach to sports, and they will be viewing the logo or the name of the sponsored company on their respected sports stars apparel or belongings and television is such a medium, where million of millions viewer watches the matches of different sports, taking place anywhere in the world, sponsors buys the air-time to show their respected advertisement with sports star in lead.

Sponsors invest billions of dollars on Star performer and to the board, which control the sport stars i.e. for example, some of the leading games of the world are Cricket, Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, Golf and many more.

We can find many sponsors having healthy competition to get the control of sponsorship right of the sports by filling the amount on tender issued by the respected board and the winner who has penned maximum bid will get the right of sponsoring, TV right of the schedule matches, which is schedule to take place in any part of the world; sometime the sponsors do have competition, which is healthy and unhealthy, the unhealthy competition is somewhat very bad thing in sports as politics in the respected headquarter of sports plays an bad role, as millions of dollars and viewers are attached to the game.

Huge amount is spending on players. The contracts, sponsorships and endorsements must be working well because there seems to be no end in site as to how many of these companies will pay for these top athletes to wear their logos.

The company signs contract with the players to wear their company logos on their apparel, cap, gloves, helmet, player's kit bag etc. The amount varies from player to player, as who ever performs well he gets more attention from the masses and so the leading and giant company will like to rope them with company's contract.

The leading and prominent companies pays hundreds of thousands of dollars to wear a certain shirt made by them for players, with logo of the company stitched on it, the motive behind this process is very simple, and many people will see the living and walking advertising banner of the company and in return more high-end retail sales.

Therefore people get much more interest on the product, which their sports idols is endorsing or wearing, in short they will and like to follow their sports idol footsteps. Even the shareholder start buying the share of the companies as it turns out to be hot brand.

In this way sponsors, player and the governing board of respected individual sports get their share.
Published: 2006-12-25
Author: Dhanraj Chakraborty

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I am content writer/editor. Dhanraj Chakraborty

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