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Start Your Own African Imports Business

Africa imports, Africa, imports

You can start your own Africa Imports Business easily online. First you must find a company like African Imports and/or Global Crafts that imports African products and that has an affiliate program.

Go to their website. Review their merchandise. If they have a catalog order their catalog. Review their catalog. Discuss the affiliate program with them.

If you are interested in their products and think that you can sell these products, then you should join their affiliate program.

When you sign up with Africa Imports, for example, you are giving an agent ID. Let's say your agent ID is "creative44," then your affiliate URL would be:

This is the URL that you promote. You must have an Africa-oriented website in which you promote this link.

On this website you should include a website design and web content that attract visitors to your website and which make them want to buy your Africa Imports through your affiliate link.

There are many free Africa-oriented articles and newsfeeds online. You can also write your own web content.

Whenever customers buy through your link, then you receive a percentage of sales. You don't have to yourself stock or warehouse these Africa Imports. Customers purchase directly from Africa Imports, Global Crafts or whatever Africa Imports affiliate program you join.

You can also advertise your link in classified ads, news releases, display ads, (non-spam) emails, print magazines and newspapers. Include your URL on your letterhead, in postcards, posters.

You should also recruit other affiliates, telling them about Africa Imports and recruiting them via your URL.

In addition, you can contact retail stores in your area, letting them know that you are an agent for Africa Imports and/or another Africa Imports company, and asking if they are interested in becoming a retail store for Africa Imports. You inform them that they must order via your affiliate link and/or mention your affiliate ID when ordering the products. You can send them a brochure that you design yourself and/or a copy of the company catalog with your affiliate ID, informing them with a note on the catalog that they should use your affiliate ID when ordering.

If you're an affiliate of a company that only has an online catalog, then you can print your own catalog and/or brochure. The order form should include your affiliate ID.

If you are successful in the online Africa Imports business, then you might consider starting your own retail store selling these Africa Imports items.

Published: 2006-08-17
Author: African Library

About the author or the publisher
African Library writes articles, stories, and poems about the African experience.

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