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Stepping Out Of the Norm Of Conventional Strategic Marketing

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We are gradually stepping into a new age of advertising. Television commercials have gone from 18", black and white, ideological portrayals of the traditional family. Displaying a simple expression just enough to say "we have arrived."

Today we are boldly stomping into the 21st Century of 64", color, flat screen tv's with messages that declare that there is no limit to our capabilities as a human race when dealing as one collective mind.

Technology is wowing us, ingenious writers are tickling our funny bones and psychological marketing is expanding every day. But what's next?

Can creative marketing images and ideas be placed in the mind that grab the attention of the commoner as well as the elite? Can impressions be made on the brain that stick like glue having been transferred to the public all during the sleep process?

Ida Gottit the Chief Executive of American Marketry Association commented, "One third of your life is spent sleeping. That is a wasted third, in our eyes.” (eMarketer)

There is no doubt that we can learn a lot about ourselves and others through the dream process. For example studies show that some don't dream in color or just aren't able to remember the one outstanding color that is usually present in the dream. Those who are able to remember the majority of the time see one of three colors, red, blue or black. Where in can lay the importance of the message.

· Red represents - excitement, adventure
· Blue - tranquility, peace, calm
· Black - intimidation, fear, danger

With that in mind let us check out what scientists and marketers are claiming could be the new phenomenon in dreaming.

Welcome to the new era of in-sleep advertising similar to product placement in movies and video games today. Where already big name corporations like Coca Cola, Speedo and Nike have begun to tap into this new element which is still in its beginning phase but spending is expected to grow in the US to more than $3 billion in the next 15 years up from less than one million in 2005.

"One has to remember that brain activity is simply electrical charges. We've been able to successfully translate an advertising message into an electrical charge," said Professor Ivan Nydea, Chief Scientist of In-Sleep. (eMarketer)

In the near future all in-sleep subjects will have a process performed on them to insert an implant called a nanobot (a robot about the size of a blood cell) into the area of the brain where dreams arise - the pons in the brainstem. When the chip is in place, it behaves like a wireless base-station, sending and receiving signals from other nanobots.

Before retiring for bed the subject is required to place a small device in their ear kindred to a cochlear implant. When the subject moves into REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, the implant is activated and a nanobot containing the designated advertising message is delivered into the spiral artery of the ear then through the cochlear canal. When it reaches the blood brain barrier, it is arranged to wirelessly send an electrical signal (the advertisement) to the nanobot located in the pons. That nanobot accepts the signal, sources the appropriate neuroreceptor and inserts the ad.

The implant transmits wirelessly with the ad server connected to the Internet so new ads can be adjusted to each subject and delivered at a REM phase. Being that adults move in and out of REM four to five times a night, this procedure is repeated throughout an evening's sleep causing the message to be identified in the long-term making in-sleep advertising efficient due to repetition.

As we leap into the coming years we can look forward to this extraordinary concept of in-sleep advertising which is likely to raise a few eyebrows!

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Published: 2006-04-01
Author: Treci Cauthen

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