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migration, brain drain

STOP MIGRATION: Scholars Migrating From Home Country.

Educated and non-educated people alike immigrate abroad in search of opportunities & a better standard life. But when educated professionals leave their home country, do they realize that this mass migration can cause serious consequences for the country they’re leaving behind. The reason is that, without an educated workforce it’s problematic for a poor country to develop and prosper. This phenomenon can be also named as BRAIN DRAIN.

Can you ever imagine India without Doctors, Engineers and other professionals? This is exactly what is happening in India. Most of the talented students are crazy to earn in dollars, so they leave their field after graduation and work for BPO companies (Wipro, TCS). If this is not brain drain then what is this? For instance, when an Engineer from India moves to another developed country, their country’s gain is the native lands loss.

My critics about migration condemns as a financial loss, since Government spend money on training Doctors, Engineers and other professionals. But then what happens is one of every three settles down abroad or in other words in more developed countries. According to WHO- India is the largest donor of educated Professional Man Power in the world.

The way I look at this problem is that firstly, the country itself should evaluate & secondly it must attract every professional to stay in their home country. But is that possible when it comes to social issues like discrimination based caste, region, class, etc. Its because of Reservation where educated & talented people don’t get chances. Its India wher problems of non-functional infrastructure arise where corrupted politicians forget their own promises and survive on the fact that masses have short memories. This is the reason why people are running from home country due to endless hypocrisy, people are running away from then fact that they require a lot of courage to enter a police station to ask for help! People are running away from this state of living, hopefully, a better state of living to seek peace of mind. It leads to disappointment when it comes to the judicial system here, where the legal community never stop patting their own backs & never stop praising themselves. Seriously on other hand what is the use of having a brain which is not respected with avenues to use it? People are moving for their own good.

From economic point of view it restricts employment for overqualified people in domestic industries, for lesser pay. So do people run away. May be the developed country they are shifting to need the brain & we need their money. In some sense it is boon for them which causes economic losses in home country.

Nearly 20,000 Indians migrate to USA every year. This outflow causes technical gap & increases dependence on the developed world. Our economy needs good path to work on. Hope the MNC’s in India will certainly not allow brain-drain as fast as it was in past. Moreover MNC’s in India will improve its GDP. May be now I hope many professionals must look for opportunities back home rather than struggling in the equities of job market in developed countries.

Finally, I say, go learn, gain knowledge & acquire new technologies, do whatever you feel, live freely, but do come back & visit home country for rest of your life to make it developed than developing.

“Let India also contribute for the betterment of the whole world”.
Swati Sawant.
Published: 2008-05-28
Author: swati sawant

About the author or the publisher
myself swati sawant. m 18 yrs old. studying Mass some articles do get published in newspapers. like to share my knowledge to ppl who follow n appreciates it. its my wish to get my articles publish on large n some desires are necessary to make life worth living as hope carries us pleasantly through life. i dont believe but have faith in me.

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