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Story- Motherhood

Indian poor woman


Janaki has no time today.
Today she could not get up early in the morning. She was feeling so…lethargic as if she has no strength left in her body to pick up her daily routine. At last when she got up, she knew it was too late to start her day, it must be around seven. Oh God how will she manage? As she opened the tin gate of the garage she was taken aback to see that the sun had risen much higher than she had expected it to be. Moreover, the rain water collected at her door step had formed a poodle. She immediately put some bricks there to pave the way for coming out safely from the garage. The wick of her stove was also giving a red flame which was an indication that it needed kerosene oil. The utensils were also to be scourged and the house required sweeping. But, she will have to rush for work, leaving everything unkempt, even her little daughter, suffering from diarrhea, had to be left unattended.

“Why are you so late? What new excuse you have got today? You….you are simply incorrigible now go and start your work.” Janaki knew that today she will be greeted with similar words in every house. These people can never understand what we have to undergo to reach for work in time. Life is not a bed of roses for us. She had to go to flat no.667 but the lift was not working and she was feeling so listless, she did not have a morsel from yesterday night. Her body was aching; Sukhhia had thrashed her, when she had objected to his drinking bout. She turned her steps to Sujata’s ground floor house. She was a bank official and nowadays she was on maternity leave, expecting her first baby. She as well as her mother-in-law Gita, both had a soft corner for Janaki. Here she used to get steaming hot tea and breakfast, sometimes biscuits and chocolates also for her little daughter and a few sweet words, which were a panacea for her bruised soul.

One look at her face and both knew what was wrong with Janaki? Gita served tea and some eatables to her but she refused to take them, then Gita said to her, “Where is the need to starve? You can not work on an empty stomach. Nobody can. You are a mother also think of your daughter, think of her future. For her sake you will have to maintain your health, in your absence who will look after her? So be a good mother and eat something”. These words sounded like rain drops on a parched piece of land and embalmed her troubled soul.

When she had finished eating Sujata also joined them, she said, “Janaki I wonder for how long can you subjugate to the whims of that brute? It is he, who is dependant on you for everything, that good for nothing husband of yours, that brute, that leech sucking up your blood! All your hard earned money is going down the drain. Do not be an emotional fool, tomorrow you will no longer be young, beautiful or energetic then he may walk out on you. Past is dead, today is bleak and future holds no hope for you. Please forgive me for being rude, I do not want to hurt you but I am not making no bones about it.” Then Gita said, “Do not forget you have a daughter to look after, won’t you like to send her to school, to give her a decent living, Motherhood is a great feeling, and it makes you a complete woman and a mature and responsible person. The meager sum that you earn will not be sufficient to keep your body and soul together.” The duo had succeeded in striking the right chords. They suggested her that with a little financial help from bank she can set up a small business and make a decent living. Banks easily lend money to the genuinely needy persons like her who want to start their life from scratch.

Sujata said, “First let us decide the options what you are best at,” Gita quipped in “she is a great cook; she can take it up as a business. She can provide Tiffin service in offices: and at home, for this no special skills are required, a fleet of six or seven people will be enough to run the business. Sujata you can help her in getting a bank loan under self employment scheme. It is good that you have studied upto 8th standard, so you can manage your own accounts nobody can cheat on you”.

Sujata delivered a bony baby girl, after joining the bank she helped Janaki in getting her loan sanctioned. Soon she setup her small business by employing three cooks and three deliverymen (dabbawalas). She never compromised quality with quantity. Her honesty paid her rich dividends. Soon her business flourished, her success and entrepreneurship brought about a sea change in her wayward husband. He was proud of Janaki, and started assisting her in the business.
Published: 2006-07-11
Author: Vineeta Sehgal

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