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Strategies for a Successful Life

Strategies and Success in Life

Every one wants to lead a successful life. Successful life is one of the most sought for issue in today's age of materialism where every vice and virtue is weighed against material: namely, money.

Yet, it raises the thick smoke of selfishness as well on the part of the other person with whome one wants to be succussful in relation. The person can be anyone from boss to your wife.

Hence, one finds it really hard to cope with the demands of getting success with one's relationships and getting along with them successfully without going over a hitch. Here are given some widely acknowledged strategies that can lead you on to a smooth track that ultimately leads you towards a successful life.

Strategy No. 1:

Always tray to avoid cliche that are of small stature: e.g. never let go of your temperament over small discripancies.

This strategy will lead you to improve you tolerance level, as well as once in a while force the other person to seriously consider the respece, value, and love that you grant him/her. Hence, after some time, you will be amazed to notice that the strategy has started working in your favour: a success in itself.

Strategy No. 2:

Success in effective communication mainly depends upon the way you deliver your words, the way your tone falls on the ears of the other person, and the way you choose words, phrases, etc. to get across message.

Hence, you can easily make the other person yours (ultimate success!!!) if you use formal words, expressions, and polite or urbane tone. This strategy is universally known to be effective for success in relation whether personal or official.

Strategy No. 3:

If you think that your words do not hold importance this time around and success in communication is far from reached by you, you can make great use of this strategy and get desired results in an instant. This strategy simply asks you to be more tentative and more caring to the person you are in contact with. For instance, if this person (who you think does not give importance to your words now more than he/she put on before) is your beloved or wife or husband, you can strat talking about their favourite topics, issues, food, etc.

Practical implication of this strategy requires more effort but is much more resultative and satisfactory.

You can drop by the residence or office of the person and abruptly annouce your taking him or her to the person's favourite restaurant or hotel or shop. You will instantly feel greatly loved and cared of.

Try these set of strategies and experiece a new horizon of success in the arena of life.
Published: 2006-06-09
Author: M. Mazhar

About the author or the publisher
I have been working as a freelance writer for the past almost five years. My work include 5 books, advertising campaigns, lots of editin, proofreading, translation.
Not an all-rounder, my area of professional skills covers: research-based how-to content, and creative copywriting, including tongue-in-cheek filler; greeting cards. Philosophical writing is one of my area too.

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