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Stress and It's Symptoms

stress, symptoms

Everyone knows what stress is all about.

Stress is something that can lead to physical illness. But do you know stress can also be good for you? I can see your mouth drop, but it’s true. It plays a part on our everyday life, and as long as stress doesn’t become dis-stress then it’s much easier to control. The heart and stroke foundation of New Brunswick, Canada, has told us what too much stress can do to you. Too much stress can lead you toward smoking and over-eating which later can put you at a great risk for heart disease. Many people at some time or another gets under stress that can harm you. Too much pressure in everyday life like, day- to- day quarrels in the house hold, noise, financial problems, demands of your children, also trying to put too much in one day, only naming a few.

Everyone has been stressful but pay little of it’s symptoms.

The way to recognize stress accumulation take note of the warning signs:
1. Muscle tension
2. Anxiety
3. Worry
4. Sleepless nights
5. Magnifying your habits with smoking, drinking, and drugs
6. Touchy, allowing little things bother you that’s not that important.
7. If you eat more or less which in time shows weight gain or lose
8. You may have trouble focusing
9. At times your heart may beat too fast.

Stress can make you sick.

Stress is a strain felt mentally, emotionally, or physically. The Canadian doctor Hans Selye, tells of three stages in the stress response, alarm, resistance, and exhaustion.

Stress comes upon us sometimes when we less expect.

When one gets alarmed the body recognizes something is wrong. It then prepares for action; either fighting it or fighting to find a way of escape.

Stress can show itself.

A gland called the thyroid or the pituitary, releases hormones that causes a rapid heart beat and heavy breathing. It can cause a slowing down of the digestion system, expands the pupils, rises the blood sugar level, and can also cause a heavy sweat.

Stress can cause a damage to our body.

The second stage after an alarm reaction the body restores any damages that stress has caused. If stress continues, the body will be unable to do this, for if the body stays alert, eventually it causes a stress-related disorder because of exhaustion. Exhaustion then will drain the body of energy and maybe cause death for being under a great amount of stress and then it affects the immune system.

Stress comes through many ways.

The death of a loved one can cause enough stress to lessen the body’s resistance to diseases. Mild stress can also disturb a person normal ability to fight off diseases.

Problem stress.

You create stress when problems arise and the body fails while trying to cope with the danger, and nearly causing an accident, for example, it can cause the body to make provision to fight off, to prepare an escape, but when no power is given it leaves the body’s system to over react. Related experiences of this frustrating nature can lead to high blood pressure.

Stress is known more in some people than in others.

Unemployment and over worked individuals may be affected in the same way, whether they think they can handle it or not. Some people can handle more stress than others without breaking down and becoming sick.

Stress with the symptoms of high blood pressure is one of the worse kinds.

High blood pressure is made worse by stress and is known to be one of the most common disorder. It may have no noticeable systems but can damage the kidneys and lead to a stroke. Respiratory disorder, asthma being the most common can also be caused by stress, which may be caused by emotional upsets causing the skin disorders that produces itching, tickling, and pain. It can also cause depression. The longer an individual is under stress the worse the depression will get.

Stress can be controlled in different ways.

Drugs may control high blood pressure. Meditation, yoga and other relaxing methods can also relief stress or teach one how to cope with it more effectively. Physical exercises and psychological therapy are sometimes encouraged by doctors to help individuals with stress problems. Changes in life styles, work, or even taken a holiday can lessen the pressure of stress. Though it may not be able to be consumed completely you can still manage to have a healthy happy life. Now I will tell you ways that you can control it. Do something you like to do, like maybe write, read, take a walk on the beach, listen to music, go out with your partner for dinner, exercise, get enough of sleep and rest through the day, make sure whatever you plan for the day you have enough time to get it done. Share your problems with a friend someone you can trust. Be active but do not over-tirer yourself.

We can fight off stress once we know the symptoms.

Learning how to relief stress, or to cope with it can make one feel much better and live a happier life.

Marlene Amero
Published: 2007-06-15
Author: Marlene Amero

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