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Stress Management

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In the present times stress has become an integral part of life. It is so well known and wide spread that you will find at least one article in the newspapers everyday. The simple and uncomplicated life of the yesteryears has replaced the modern fast paced life with tough competition in every sphere of life.

What is Stress

Stress is a primitive response to an external attack which humans had to face when they were leading a nomadic life. This was basically to protect them from dangers
in the wild. When a wild beast would attack them they had two choices ether to stay and fight or to run away. This was called the flight or fight response. This resulted in certain bodily changes such as increase in heart beats, perspiration and an increase in blood pressure. Everything became normal when the danger was gone.
In the present times however this danger of physical attack is not there but we have many situations which increase the level of stress in our bodies. Stress could be divided into many types.

Long term stress
Short term stress
Job related stress
Financial stress
Relationship stress

Dealing with stress

First and foremost you are the only person who has to find a solution for this problem. There are many techniques to reduce and control stress. These are some methods to do so

Cultivate a positive attitude towards life
Organize your life
Use planning to reduce stress for example- plan your finances to lessen stress.
Cultivate a hobby
Learn to meditate

Controlling stress is in your hands. Relaxation is very important. Spend some happy times with your children they are a great stress busters. A hobby like gardening is also very relaxing and provides peace refreshes you.

Published: 2006-07-31
Author: Rupa Athawale

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I love to write articles and am working as a feelancer. I like to write articles on self improvement,beauty,stress management,case studies.

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