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Student Life Is Golden Life

The Best Student days & Most Relaxing First Few Years of Life

“Student Life is golden Life” was a common proverb that sounded true during my childhood days. Life was too simple then with less ambitions & tastes. In today’s generation, Video games, Interactive online learning programmes, parties, clubs, holidays, trips, functions dominate a kid’s life. Whereas when I was young a friend who stayed next door mattered so much that half the day you stay at your friend’s house than yours. Sports / annual day once per year were what we would look forward to 2 months beforehand. Tinkle, Archie’s, Tintin were the books, which got graduated to Charles Dickens books, & then to Jeffrey Archer’s or Sydney Sheldon’s………today you rarely find a kid engrossed in a book. They rather switch channels & watch cartoon from Morning till evening.

When it comes to education……’s teachers at school are friends. We used to respect teachers & be scared of them. Missing a day at school needed various formalities to be completed that started at home & then end up with a Leave Letter. Today a kid would want to bunk school for no reason………..It could be as simple as a cold that can stop a kid from going to school. All because the kid doesn’t know grandpa’s Bamboo stick that would straighten up quiet a few things in earlier days. Grandpa’s footsteps would quieter the noise at home whereas now the vehicle sound won’t matter the kids that only leads them to ask if we bought their favorite toy. As a kid back in hometown u need to wait for a week or 2 to get the same toy due to scarcity of shops at your place.

Fashion matters so much…………….U follow it else u lack between everyone. A kid lands up shopping for oneself with toys & dresses of their choice because parents don’t know what the latest style at school is.
Cousin’s are at far off places & are just cousins. In our days you never differentiated between your own siblings & cousins because you eat, drink, play together. Today’s cousin’s meet rarely, know each other for some while & before the next meeting, which is after a month, or 2 due to busy schedules, so many changes have occurred in their lives. It could be a new school, a new friend at Club/ Park………..

When we talk about serious education, tuitions, E-Learning, websites all contribute to shortcuts for education. At the same time with increase in cost, education at all levels has become competitive. Every kid needs to be good at education……………….else you can’t survive. As a kid you need to perform better & day to day learning & improving oneself is important. Doing well academically along with personality improvement such as good communication, interaction with peers, leadership qualities & responsive reactions to circumstances, good exposure are few points to be keenly observed.

The way innocence is seen in a new born kids face or a
2 year old vanishes to a learned face few years down the line. Hobbies, interests, quality time put together form the daily routine. Indian education in brief makes a kid start education & continue learning for 15 years & a day comes when you look forward to your college days. The student is mature enough then to choose what one want’s to do in life. The student pools in past experiences, parents advices, future growth from what decision would be taken at college, and above and all what shape needs to be given to one’s life is decided. It’s a tough decision then as to decide, stand in queues for application forms, write various entrances, wait for the results, try & prove your best.” Its then the person starts with real ups & down’s of life” which raises one’s own voice of dignity, egoism, likes & dislikes.

Life’s dreams filled with material gains, love, family importance and s how can the word AIM be neglected here?

Years pass by n one fine day you are a professional, or you hold a degree & start a new life. I call it new life now as 1 phase of life passes on to another. The person is more responsible and starts attending Interviews…works for few years, gets married…and kids responsibility also starts after sometime. This is when a person repeats the same cycle of life again.

And then one fine day you hold your kids hand and teach the same things……….as information & past experiences are passed on to the kid who is yet to face so much more. But the only difference is day to day life becomes tougher, competitive Charles Darwin’s theory of “Survival of the fittest” come into picture.
History repeats itself as fashion does with the same mannerism every now & then.

As a parent, its time for a person to look back at one’s own achievements & failures when the new generation’s come up with their new ideas. Life’s a long way to go where nobody can stop. Re-Inventing oneself & changing with circumstances, learning new technology, adds on more commitment & responsibilities to improve career & personal life as both needs to be balanced.

At last taken into account each person is still a student as learning is a progressive thing that can never stop any day…from the day we are born till we die each experience that we come across, each dream that we look forward to fulfill has no limitations.
It’s open mindedness & keen interest that makes a happy living. It’s our own actions & deeds that create our world J……… Old age at the end is same as the first few years of life wherein dependency is more. The only difference is that we stop learning and consider ourselves students/learners no more. ………. Alas only to know that each day is precious & can be utilized for new thinking and reeducating ourselves.
Published: 2007-05-29
Author: Sanjana Uthappa. N

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