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Success quotes for losers about to turn winners

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Success tips on God

1. Everyone that walks with God will never walk alone.
2. faith in god has no religion.
3. God is going to do it but you have got to dream it.
4. To succeed you must understand that God is the beginning of all things good.
5. God alone should be your source, people are mere channels.

5 Success tips on faith

1. Faith considers the size of your God not the size of your problem
2. Faith it was that parted the red sea and brought down the walls of Jericho
3. To succeed you need faith,to fail you need fear.
4. Until success happens inside you it will never happen outside.
5. If success has never crossed your mind it will not cross your life.

5 success tips on persistence

1. You can choose to either be intimidated by the giants or be inspired by the milk and honey in the land.
2. If you refuse to give up the devil will give up on you.
3. When other people give up and go home you must learn to hang on until you see what you desire.
4. Many times in life we get to the house of pleasure through the street of pain.
5. To succeed you should not run away from problems rather run towards problems in the name of the Lord.

Published: 2007-04-25
Author: francis agbo

About the author or the publisher
A 39 year old professional writer who enjoys reading, writing and soccer. Apart from these i love God and my family. Constantly seeks opportunities to express my writing gift. Dislikes include hate, envy and cheating. My biggest goal in life is to be blessed and be a blessing to my world. I want to die empty knowing i have delivered to my world all that God deposited in me to give to my world.

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