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Surviving Through Retirement

Retirement, Buy

Most of us have a working life of about 35 years or slightly more and over here in the private sector, retirement age is 55 years. Nowadays with the increasing cost of living and rising petrol prices, our purchasing power is greatly diminished and every cent matters to a retiree.

Insufficient Retirement Income
When a person retires, he loses his major source of income, that is if he is a salaried worker. No company will employ him anymore. So what are his options? As you all are aware, nowadays most people do not have sufficient retirement money to last them until their last days. Some people may have school going children to support, some may need to pay off their housing loans and what is left of their retirement fund is insufficient to last them throughout their lifetime.

Retirees Can Still Work
A retiree can try to re-enter the workforce as a part-time or freelance worker if his health is still good.Companies may still employ him If he prefers staying at home, he can still consider doing home based work. Are you aware that there is still a lot of money making opportunities or even jobs that can be done through the internet. All one needs is a computer and an internet connection. A person can try his hand at affiliate marketing(marketing other peoples' products), starting his website to market his own products, paid surveys, data entry and even registering with certain agencies and persons who are willing to pay for his articles.^That is he can write for a living.

Cutting Down On Buying
Some of the more drastic measures to cope with a person's dwindling financial resources are as follows. He can cut back on all his previous luxuries and spend only on necessities. If before he used to drink coffee at Starbucks, he can now even buy prepacked coffee back home to drink.

Do Not Buy What We Do Not Need
Buy what one needs and not more than that. Socrates, the Greek philosopher used to go to the market everyday and browse around all the stores but he does not buy anything. One day, his friend asked him why he does not buy anything. He answered that 95% of the items sold in the market were not needed by him, so why should he waste his money buying things he does not need.

A More Drastic Measure
If one is in serious financial difficulty,one can even consider relocating back to his "kampung" or a rural area where housing and food is cheaper. He can even buy a plot of land and plant vegetables and rear some poultry to obtain meat for his dinner table.Why not even trying fishing for meat if on lives near a river or sstream.

Retirees Can Still Earn Their Keep
So these are some of the measures one can take to survive through his retirement.Retirement does not mean one cannot earn money anymore. One can still do so and also one has to be able to learn how to cut back on unnecessary expenditure.

I wish all retirees out there a happy retirement and may you be blessed with good health.

Published: 2007-11-25
Author: Chan Loon

About the author or the publisher
I am a Malaysian man aged 55 and I have recently retired. As I have plenty of spare time and I need money to survive, I surf the internet looking for job opportunities. Yesterday I came across your site and here I am signing up as a writer. My interests are in reading and swimming. I can speak and write good English and would like to try my hand as a writer. I would like to write on my life experiences and on self development.

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