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Switching to Time Warner Internet

time warner internet

People not always ready for new technologies

Competition is good for the marketplace and for the consumer in general, but that doesn’t mean decisions are always easy to make. New technology offers a way to save money and even offers a new, more convenient way to do things, but that does not mean people are ready for it. When it came time to sign up for new phone service a few years ago, I went for the traditional phone company because that was what I had done my whole life. It took me a while, but I finally broke down and got Time Warner Internet because I could have three things in my home on the same bill each month, and I could save money as well.

Package deals

The main reason I wanted to switch was because I was tired of shoddy treatment by my phone company. They aren’t a bad company all around, as I still have them for my cell service, but when it comes to residential phone, they were horrible. Time Warner Internet is the fastest you can get in my area, and you could get your home phone and your cable all at once, for a really great price. I was happy, but a little worried about something as new as cable telephone. Shortly after I switched, my old company kept calling to offer me new deals, but I was so happy with my Time Warner Internet and their other features they offered, there was really no point in even discussing it.

Reaching for perfection

I can even say that the customer service I have with Time Warner Internet has been nothing but wonderful. I do know that this probably varies from area to area, but they have always been on-the-ball, honest, and responsive to problems and/or concerns about my service. I experience virtually no downtime with my Internet connection, and in the rare instances when I do, it is up and running in no time. That is what every company should strive for. There is no such thing as perfection, but a good company will reach for it anyway.

Satisfied after a year and an half

Though I can’t vouch for Time Warner Internet in every marketplace, I would gladly recommend them to anyone thinking of making the switch. Not only will you save, you won’t have to pay extra for things that the phone company keeps charging for. The Internet is always reliable, and the company seems to understand what customer service is about. Having had the service for over a year and a half now, I can safely say that we are very satisfied and are happy that we took the chance.
Published: 2007-10-10
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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