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Take the moment as it arises

mmory, weight, joy , living

Much of our misery arises from ablunder we make in our thinking and ouraction mode: that what happened the previous day or revious month r year is valid for all time. Thememory weighs us down and our style gets stymied. By style is meant our way of reacting to events andsiuations and persons. One swallow dos not a summer make, goes theold saw. Thetechnique is to wash theday's impressions, read the load, somehow from our being and stay fresh. Is it possible? yes, and several saints have this truth by their example.
This saintly phenomenon is not confined to any single country or region or religion. It is more a state of mind. Some have it , some don't.And the ones who have it are blissfully happy even in adverse circumstances.
One does not suggest abdication of one's responsibility nor does one advocate renouncing the rights due. It is courage that is born from the depths of the heart. And theroot is in the faith everlasting in the creator and His wisdom. And His benevolence. As proof of it who keeps this creation agoing? Call Him or It by any name. Our happiness or misery if you will stems from thjis fact that ourfaith or non-faith rests on shallow foundation.
If only we probe and rest not till we discover the answer, our growth in the real sense is uncertain.
Take the moment as it arises stems from the humble realisation that we do not know enough. That our knowledge needs to be supplemented by inputs from higher sources. such inflow occurs only when we keep our minds and hearts open to that inflow. devotion by any name, worshipbyanymeans, research in any form is but the inner being's search for answers. In terms of philosophy, it is like the self finding the SELF.
We are all children of that cosmic force. We are well tended if we feel that we are well tended. A child rarely takes a gift from a stranger unless the mother says so. Same shall be our attitude to the blandishments of the world.True, this isthe world of relative values. so compromise is sugested. Such climbdown, my experience suggests, only ads oour problems. Wisdomfrom theunknown is ours by right if only we listen to the inner voice. And the inner vpoice will guide us only ifwe feel deep within that we need theguidance. A human being is next onlyto the ultimate in nature's scheme of things. Our determination to deliberately erase theimpressions of the yesterdays and andrefuse to entertain the fears of future is the open sesame to joy in the living present. That, I find, isthe stepping stone to greatdiscoveries. Our voyage on life's unchartered waters begins only when we adopt this attitude.If we make our present moment the moment of joy, with this thought in the background that it is an opportunity to discover our true identity, our lives will no longerbe dull anddreary. Perchance a few of us may even get a eep into the purpose of our existence.
One thng needfs to be mephasised . we get from our environment what we put. or what we hagve put in the past. the past is beyond ur redemptin. the present and this moment is ours to shape and reshape in whichever way we may. A great saint has suggested that the way to divine help lies in cooperating with the world , especially when the world is not cooperating with us. too simplistic? Please act on tis tip and see the difference.

Published: 2008-01-04
Author: self

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am well versed in all things that matter, and keep myself updated. knowledge, I feel, is a burden and need to be shared. Thisis the minimum duty of a human being.

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